Stephen Gray — Cannabis, a Journey to Spiritual Awakening

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What happens when you open up and tune in to the delicate corners of your heart, mind and soul?

An excellent question. One that will be gently, movingly addressed in an upcoming Sentinel experience, Cannabis, A Journey to Spiritual Awakening, led by spiritual teacher and writer, Stephen Gray, June 14—17.



About Stephen Gray

Stephen was a student, meditation instructor, and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism for 25 years. His teacher was the brilliant crazy-wisdom master Chögyam Trungpa, with whom he had numerous encounters. He has worked extensively with Tibetan Buddhism, the Native American Church, and with several other entheogenic medicines.

The author of Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality, (John Hunt Publishing, 2010), he is also a conference and workshop organizer, leader, and speaker as well as part-time photographer and composer of meditative music under the artist name Keary. Stephen is also the editor and contributor to Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally(Park Street Press, Dec. 2016). For the past seven years he has been co-organizer of the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in Vancouver, BC, where he lives.

For more information on Cannabis, a Journey to Spiritual Awakening, click here.

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