September 2019 Events

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There is wonderful energy building for several exciting workshops coming to the Sentinel this Fall, including:


Sound Healing Extravaganza

The Sound Healing Extravaganza, back by popular demand and again led by Sequoia, is going to relax your mind, heal your body, and awaken your heart, this Thursday, September 5, at 7PM!

The first hour will be a combination of active participation through various voice activations and exercises, followed by a passive sound journey. These heart-offered sound excursions will guide you on an inward journey, beyond mind and body. When received in the heart, it allows awakening of consciousness, insights, or a deep state of relaxation to occur. The brain waves slow down, providing an optimum state for healing to occur. Sound journeys are an effortless way to feel rejuvenated, transformed and peaceful.


“I have never felt so relaxed before in my life.”
“I got the answers I was looking for.”
“I am not sure where I went or even what happened, yet I feel great!”

Advance tickets are $20 at SunnySide Naturals in Kaslo, by direct payment to the Sentinel, or $25 at the door.

Everyone is welcome!


Yoga Teacher Training /Yoga Immersion


This 200-hour course led by Karuna and Paul Erickson, running from September 8th—14th,  is designed primarily for those who are considering becoming yoga teachers. However, it’s also appropriate for yoga students wishing to deepen their experience and practice without necessarily planning to teach, as well as for yoga teachers who wish to enhance their training and experience. Paul and Karuna will lead participants on a powerful journey into the vastness of yoga practice and teaching.

Price includes delicious organic meals, use of hot tub and sauna.

Massages can be arranged during the course. Call us at 250 353-2246 for booking and pricing information.

For more information please contact Karuna Erickson, at (250) 229-4793 — or email her, at

Please register with Karuna before booking Sentinel accommodations.


HeartSound — an Exploration of Sound, Energy, and Singing


You can hear in the vibrations of our voices and the singing bowls something you instinctively know – these are the harmonizing energies from which we are made.

We are instruments of sound, energy, and love, each of us with a unique voice that expresses our heart’s truth. In this workshop, Noémi Kiss and Ruth Beck offer a safe, playful, empowering way for you to tune in to your heart’s voice, explore that voice and its energies, become more confident and attuned vocally, learn energy balancing practices, and create beautiful sounds, songs, and community together with others.

Practices include vocal conditioning, toning, experiential voice exercises, group singing, energy medicine exercises, and Alchemy Crystal Bowl singing based on Noémi and Ruth’s unique blend of their own practices and the work of leaders such as Chloë GoodchildDonna Eden, and Babette Lightner. No singing experience necessary.

Includes all handouts and refreshments. (Bring your own lunch — we have use of a lovely kitchen & dining area.) Workshop size limited. Click here to register.


The Shanti System: A Pathway to Greater Health, Peace & Well-Being

The Shanti System is a program that cultivates a greater awareness of body, mind, heart and spirit.  Rooted in both Eastern and Western practices, it provides a pathway to experience greater peace, health and well-being.

This system is based in Chinese energetic exercises (Tai Chi, qigong, & Dao Yin); perennial wisdoms such as Taoist philosophy; as well as mindfulness practices and the evolving field of neuroscience.  Drawing from these diverse traditions creates a full spectrum approach that can resonate on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and philosophical.

At the core of the program is the cultivation of awareness/mindfulness.  Led by Sifu Shanti and Lauri McKean, September 28—October 2, through various exercises participants will  become more aware of their energy and emotions.  This awareness allows us to further identify unconscious default patterns in our physical, emotional and mental ways of being.  These are usually patterns of survival that no longer serve us and are the root of our struggles. Once they are brought into the light of consciousness, we can develop and utilize skills to allow resolution of these patterns – and thus the ability to more consciously influence the unfolding of our being and our lives.

The revolutionary journey taught in this program is about allowing ourselves to experience a rich and rewarding life, with more health, peace, and joy.  Please join me in cultivating awareness, expanding consciousness and then resting into the deep joy of ‘presence’ –  the sweetest spice of life.

Click here to register.


If would like to book a room for 1 night we have provided a discount code for people participating in this work. Please follow this link and use the discount code “Sana” for $170 per room — this can either be a room with one king bed or two twin beds.


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