HeartSound! A Conversation With Noémi Kiss & Ruth Beck

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Sound is an opening into understanding who we are as human beings!


Each of us is an instrument of sound, energy, and love. Each of us has a unique voice with the capacity to expresses our heart’s truth.

In an upcoming (September 21) Sentinel workshop, Noémi Kiss and Ruth Beck offer a safe, playful, empowering way for you to tune in to your heart’s voice, explore that voice and its energies, become more confident and attuned vocally, learn energy balancing practices, and create beautiful sounds, songs, and community together with others.

In this conversation, Noémi and Ruth talk about the workshop, and what participants can expect — a delightful introduction to what promises to be a wonderfully transformative day at the Sentinel!


For further information about the workshop, click here.


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