Arnt Arntzen
Sculptor and woodworker

Arnt’s work can be seen here: Arntarntzen.com

I have been designing and building furniture and sculpture for almost 30 years. My studio is in Vancouver, BC.

My designs are influenced by my surroundings, the wild west coast and the abundance of wood and found metal objects. The wood is hand cut by myself from windfall trees in and around the city of Vancouver. Many of the metal objects are aircraft parts such as propellers, helicopter blades and wings. Most of my material is recycled.

Joining found objects with large slabs of wood has forced me to innovate new construction methods and has greatly influenced my designs.  The challenge is to design and build objects that will withstand the test of time structurally as well as visually.

I prefer contemporary design because it is more challenging to create something that is not familiar yet I rely on the skills that my elders passed on to me.