Brian Fraser
Thought Leader in Leadership Training and Jazz

What difference would it make to the transformational influence of your leadership, Brian Fraser keeps asking, if you showed up like a jazz musician? Brian has been playing around with the ways jazz informs innovative leadership and flourishing organizations for the last two decades. This happens through provocative conversations and Brian would love to have your voice added to the mix. His interest in jazz reached a new intensity in 2002 when Brian left his positions as dean of St. Andrew’s Hall, the Presbyterian college at the University of British Columbia, and professor of church history at Vancouver School of Theology to set up Jazzthink.

Through that company, he coaches, facilitates, and consults using the wit, wisdom, and workings of jazz to help people transform themselves and the communities they serve. Your instrument is your voice. Every time you use it in a conversation, you play jazz. Conversations are the most common form of improvisation in human experience. You transform your team one conversation after another. So let’s spend some time jamming together about how you can hone your resilience for transformational leadership and SMARTer teamwork.

Brian has worked with Toyota University, Vancouver Coastal Health, Coast Mental Health, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Fraser Health, Blue Shore Financial, VanCity, and many other organizations aspiring to transform the impact of their teamwork and leadership.