Celina Archambault
Intuitive Yoga Teacher

Celina Archambault

Yoga Style: Intuitive Yoga
Celina has had a strong relationship to healing and plant medicine for as long as she can remember. After taking part in a variety of different plant medicine ceremonies, she felt it was her turn to share the knowledge of what the plants and ceremonies are capable of with her community. She began offering ceremonies of her own as well as co-organized the largest plant medicine conference in Canada, The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference from 2015-2017.

Celina travelled to Bali, Indonesia where she became a certified yoga teacher at The Mystical School Of Yoga Teacher Training. She became certified in both Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga and now offers intuitive flow which is her own take on working intuitively with her students and helping them move stuck energy or tension out of the body with a variety of tools. Carefully chosen music, aromatherapy, singing bowls and individualized guidance are woven into the yoga journeys and meditations to meet each person wherever they are at.

Celina spends her free time hanging out with magical plants, exploring herself through dance and yoga, as well as volunteering for MAPS Canada (The Multidisciplinary Association Of Psychedelic Studies).

Learn more: http://planttigress.com