Chris Rodman

Holistic Fitness & Integrations Coach

Chris serves from a place of integrity, caring curiosity, understanding, and empathetic intuition. He creates a container of safety, confidentiality, and empowerment; present and welcoming to all wherever you are at. Observing reality as it is, within the framework of the body, moment to moment, is the essence of vipassana; a meditation practice that one learns in a 10 day silent course. Since 2008 Chris has sat a dozen of these courses which have developed in him a deep awareness and equanimity about suffering and its causes. As an initiated Sufi and leader in the Dances of Universal Peace, Chris is able to relate with the wisdom of all the great traditions. In 2010, Chris experienced his first plant medicine ceremony; this set in motion a motorcycle journey across South America and an ongoing relationship, healing, and education with the wisdom of the Plant Teachers. Visiting the Amazon is now a regular part of life that informs him ever more deeply about the interconnectivity of all things. It is with great respect, humility, and gratitude that Chris continues his work with entheogens. He is a certified addictions recovery and psycho-spiritual integration coach with Being True To You. With a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and trained as a CHEK Practitioner, Chris is well connected in the holistic elements of human health and fitness Chris is a husband and father who lives in the mountains of British Columbia. He has retired from a long career crew leading in wildfire suppression, to follow and feed the fire in his heart about serving those who feel called to growth and transformation; pointing to the shaman in each one of us. “I believe there is an immense capacity within each of us to live a deeply connected life, expressive of our highest vision. My aspiration is to realize this capacity and share it with others. I am here to support, inspire, and encourage you in cultivating a deeper connection to your purpose through body, mind, and spirit. Now is the time to awaken and rise into the strength and fullness of being. Fun, freedom, and fulfillment are yours to be realized; let’s discover how.” In the spirit of service. In service to Spirit.