Dr. Jessie Speirs
Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Jessie Speirs

Dr. Jessie Speirs, ND
Dr Speirs is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with a general family practice in Nelson BC. She graduated from NUNM in 2007 and completed an integrative medical residency in Portland, Oregon in 2008. Her practice focus is on gastrointestinal health, endocrine/hormone health and spiritual/emotional health.

Dr Speirs is passionate about integrating fundamental nutritional support into each of her patients self care routines. How and what we eat provides a key link to the integrity and health of the intestinal terrain. The ancient physicians were right “good health begins with a healthy gut”, including the extensive and symbiotic
relationships we have with the microbiota (bacterial flora) in our intestinal tract. She will be providing 2 lectures on intestinal health during the cleanse, including some key strategies and tools for successful reintegration back into your home environment. She will be available for individual naturopathic assessment and care during the cleanse, including functional lab evaluation if needed or desired.