Julia Dujmovits
Yoga Teacher and Mental Coach

Julia Dujmovits

Athlete. World Traveler. Snowboarder. Olympic Gold Medalist. Adventurer. Explorer. Yogi. Kiter. Surfer. Austrian. Maui lover.

I grew up in the most eastern part of Austria among the vast flatland with wineries, where there are no mountains, no skiing, and no snowboarding.  Many people were quick to point out why a gold medal in snowboarding could never happen. But ONE feeling drove me forward. PASSION.

Being on the edge of a cliff with my snowboard in Alaska, standing in the start gate at the 2014 Olympic finals and letting go… that’s what I call flying. A deep inner trust to let all go – to let go of everything and just BE in the moment. That is how I won Olympic Gold – the first-ever gold medal in snowboarding to be brought home to Austria.  The first ever gold medal for my home state to receive in any sport.

Gripping stories are the result of personal setbacks, relationships, as well as the striving along an uncertain path towards a goal. This is, and always will be, what inspires and motivate me. Sometimes you cry and sometimes you fly. Most importantly, you have to remember to SHINE.

Today, I am continually growing my skills in yoga, mental coaching, and finishing my MBA in athletic coaching and training.  My new adventure dream is hiking up an 8000-meter mountain and snowboarding downhill. Way to go for that one. I love to teach, travel, to inspire and to get inspired. To share thoughts, mountains and waves with friends and the new people I come across.

Learn More: http://www.beyourgold.at/