Justin Robinson
Facilitator of Integral Breakthrough Design Lab

Justin Robinson is currently completing his masters at Royal Roads University, where he is developing new approaches to sustainability leadership from an integral perspective. His research involves social change practitioners focused on initiatives ranging from poverty alleviation, to global supply chain transformation, to the elimination of domestic violence.

In his spare time during a ten year stint as the lead communicator at a Canadian oil company, Justin directed “Pipeline Wars: A Burning Debate About Our Future,” which went on to win the Spirit of Activism award at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival. During the filmmaking process he interviewed many change agents and global thought leaders in the sustainability and energy space, and became preoccupied with how the level of consciousness that a leader embodies influences the opportunities that they are able to see and create in response to complex multidimensional challenges.

This led him to design and facilitate the Integral Breakthrough Design Lab, a powerful psychospiritual experience in which participants practice embodying the hallmark capacities of highly developed leaders. Justin began developing and facilitating creativity and innovation programs in his early twenties (he is now 39) and has since racked up hundreds of hours of facilitation experience. He has been trained in design thinking, integral praxis, ontological coaching, and a wide variety of large- and small-group facilitation approaches.