Leni Neumeier
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Leni Neumeier moved from the mountains of Bavaria, Germany to the mountains of British Columbia, Canada in 1991. Most of her professional life as a mountain guide she enjoyed working with, playing in and feeling through nature while inspiring her clients to connect with the great oneness of “Mother Nature”. During this time, Leni was the founder and owner of Discovery Canada: outdoor adventure Inc., a small guiding outfit in Kaslo, BC and later co-owner of Kootenay Mountain Holidays Inc., a helicopter-accessed backcountry ski lodge in the Selkirk Mountains of BC. In 2010, Leni moved to Mexico and founded La Ventana Xperience with 2 partners, a Kiteboarding School, but decided to follow her passion for spiritual and humanitarian work and enrolled in a 5-year Chinese Medicine doctorate program in 2012.

Leni Neumeier graduated from the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in 2016 with a doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and advanced her studies in Cranio Sacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute in Calgary, Canada and Unterfoehring, Germany. Even so her present profession came to her in later life, she feels that she finally arrived and her previous life journeys have prepared her to diagnose patients through a lens of experience, compassion and love. She completed her postgraduate studies with David Knox TCM.D and Laurie Knox R.Ac at Cranio Sacral Plus Acupuncture (CSPA) in Nelson BC who are well-known experts in therapeutic somatic-emotional release work combined with Chinese Medicine. At CSPA, Leni gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the importance and profoundness of emotional release work through Cranio Sacral Therapy and in conjunction with precise differential diagnosis of Chinese Medicine. Leni believes that this physiological and emotional healing approach in combination with all other modalities at Sentinel allow patients to finding the true root cause for their suffering and ailments. She also sees in patients that the answer lies within and her kind, loving and gentle treatment style creates and opportunity for each patient to attain what is possible. Leni feels privileged and grateful to be in service to all of her patients at Sentinel and is looking very forward to meeting them in person.

Leni is also an active and registered member of the College for Traditional Chinese Medicine in British Columbia, College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario as well as the International Upledger Institute for Cranio Sacral Therapy. Leni also volunteers with the Hospice/Kalein Center in Nelson with palliative patients.

“Want extraordinary? See Leni.
Leni blends her intuitive sense of what you specifically need with her depth of knowledge. You get a tailored treatment not a cookie cutter approach. You receive her knowledge of the age-old practice of Chinese medicine blended with her excellent listening. You enjoy the heightened beauty of the surroundings of The Sentinel combined with an energy of care for your wellbeing. Enjoy! ”