Dr. Lynn Migdal

Having experienced the loss of her husband and two daughters in an unexpected and catastrophic mudslide in Canada, Dr. Lynn has adopted specific tools to help her clients adapt, overcome and recover, in spite of adversity. Dr. Lynn offers specific natural healing stress solutions for trauma and grief. Dr. Lynn Migdal is a graduate of the New York Chiropractic College with over 35 successful years of experience helping thousands to reach their highest health potential and attain their life goals. She is known for her truthful approach and sincere concern. One of her main missions is to educate as many people as she can on the truths and the power of natural healing. 

Dr. Lynn Migdal is also a Energy Intuitive, Holistic Empowerment Coach and Trainer. Her talents include the ability to interpret personal energy and discover what foods/nutrition, emotions/ thoughts and/or negative repetitive life patterns that may be blocking the pathway to health and healing. She is also a Therapeutic Breath Master and uses healing breath techniques and pleasurable breath postures to clear energy blockages, promoting harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Lynn is an exciting, informative and sought-after public speaker, sharing her message of self-healing.  Some of her pertinent topics include; Recovery in the Face of Trauma and Loss, Natural Stress Solutions and Self-Empowerment,  Breath Dancing your way to Health, Wellness Visualization and Manifestation Techniques, Holistic Fitness for Successful Leadership, and Spinal Hygiene 101.