Meredith Kalaman

Meredith Kalaman has spent her life performing, creating and interpreting dance onstage as a ballet trained contemporary dancer. She is a two time Chrystal Dance Prize winner and her dance works have toured, North America, Europe and China. After 30 years of mastering the articulation, physicality and artisty of creativity through movement, Meredith Kalaman is motivating the world through highly creative thought and embodiment practices. She facilitates people to uncover where creativity lives in the body, beyond the mind. From this 4 day workshop you will leave profoundly connected to your own creative genius and blow the top off the creative blocks that stop you from reaching new levels of your own creative genius. You will understand your unique viewpoint of the world that frames your creativity and also gain an appreciation for the other viewpoints that surround your life. You will also leave with a reinvigorated connection to your physical body through your creative genius, with lasting tools that power up your creativity in your every day experience.

Meredith is also a Certified Access Bars Practitioner and is offering you the space to book a session with her while at the Sentinel as an addition to your weekend in the workshop ~ To learn more about the benefits of Access Consciousness have a read here. A 75-minute session is only $100!
What more could be possible with all of life coming to you with total ease, joy and glory?

Events with Meredith Kalaman

Developing Heart with Conscious Movement
June 15, 2018

Build confidence, express yourself fully and create presence by transforming the way you think and feel in your body. If you’re striving to rekindle a lost sense of physical vibrancy, develop a healthy relationship with your body or recover from injury or trauma, this immersive experience helps you find a renewed appreciation and joyful love for your physical self. Inspired by a 30-year-long relationship with ballet and a powerful desire to help you find love, joy and pleasure in your physical self, Meredith Kalaman has designed a freeing, 3-day (4-night) experience that lifts you out of your busy mind, and…