Grey Musser

Grey has been a student of eastern philosophy and martial arts since childhood, and in 2010 he began an intensive study of Moy Lin Shin’s version of Yang style T’ai Chi Chuan, Chi Gung and Daoist meditation.  

Since then he has been studying with 3 full-time instructors, one of whom was the protégé of Master Moy Lin Shin, founder of the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism and the Taoist Tai Chi Center of Canada. 

In 2013 Grey began his advanced study and began to teach beginners classes.  In 2015 Grey received his full instructorship from his teachers and began to teach to all levels.  Since then, he has applied his comprehensive knowledge of functional mobility, energetic awareness, cultivation of mental and emotional well-being, esoteric philosophy and mind/body dynamics in an effort to share the many benefits he has found Tai Chi can offer the individual. 

In addition to his study of Tai Chi/Chi Gung and meditation, Grey has also supplemented his understanding of these systems with training in:

– Yijin Jing (“Muscle/Tendon Change Classic”) -a set of flexibility and endurance enhancing exercises, notable for being a key element of the physical conditioning used in Shaolin training

-Wudang Sabre, one of two sword forms traditionally included in Tai Chi training 

-Six Harmonies, Eight Methods (liu he ba fa) –another style of internal martial art, similar to, and at times paired with Tai Chi