Valerie Arntzen

Collage Artist And Photographer

My art practice is primarily the assemblage of collage and photography as other mediums. I live and work in Vancouver, BC and have been an artist for 30 years.

Other cities I have lived and worked as an artist in are Los Angeles, California for 2 years and Amsterdam, Holland for 6 months on self-directed residencies.

I have shown my work in Vancouver, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Brazil, New York, and various towns in British Columbia

My work is in private collections in Holland, New York, Santa Fe, Vancouver and Museums in Belgium, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Brazil, France, Wisconsin and Texas.

Inspiration for me comes from my travels and my collections.  My studio is a visual feast piled high with labeled boxes and drawers stuffed chock o block.  Creating an assemblage in a favourite box takes me back to a memory of a special trip, person or event.  My work often resonates with people once they recognize an object which triggers a memory of their childhood or family.

Events with Valerie Arntzen

Woodworking - Meditation Bench from Concept to Completion to Contemplation
May 31, 2018

Engage your imagination, develop an appreciation for handcrafted woodwork and be immersed in the meditative process of building and creating with your hands. Taking you far away from the tech-driven informational world, this therapeutic experience gives you to the opportunity to slow down and find inspiration in the beauty of Mother Nature. Led by Arnt Arntzen and assisted by his wife, Valerie Arntzen, this experiences reconnects you with traditional ways of building and creating. For over 30 years, Arnt has built inspired sculptures and furniture from found metal and wood pieces, many of which were sourced straight from his wild…