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Build Resilient Leadership through Jazz

Honing the Jazz Musician Within
May 2 – 6, 2018
Brian Fraser

How can we show up with positive resilience, inspiring those around us and moving closer to our deepest goals and aspirations?

Can we unite people under the same set of values –  under the same chord chart and melody line – to create a team, organization and community that flourishes?

Collaborating directly with high-impact organizations and prestigious universities for over two decades, Brian Fraser has had an influential role in transforming people, teams and communities through the art of resilient leadership.

This transformative 3-day (4-night) experience begins with a mesmerizing night of live jazz.  Energized by beautifully composed melodies, we aim to bring your leadership aspirations, imaginings and ideas to the surface and then continue to explore them in the days ahead.

Share wisdom and engage in provocative conversations.

Find out what empowering lessons jazz can teach us about leading meaningful change in a complex and volatile world.

We are delighted that the music on Monday evening will be provided by the Doug Stephenson Trio from Nelson, BC – Doug on guitar, Donnie Clark on trumpet & flugelhorn, and  Rob Fahie on acoustic bass.


Nestled within a magical and meditative backdrop, this retreat takes place along the peaceful shores of Kootenay Lake. Far away from the fast-paced rush of everyday life, we’ve chosen an inspirational environment to help you relax, rejuvenate and absorb new ways of leading, thinking and being.

Modalities: Leadership Training, Jazz

Cost: $1,410.00CAD

We are excited to offer everyone for the summer of 2018 our Friends and Family of The Sentinel rate. Use promo code: summer and receive 15% off your program payment. If you bring a friend with you to this retreat each of you will receive a  25% discount, please contact us for this promo code.

This is an all-inclusive fee with meals and shared accommodation included.  Travelling costs or extra services, such as massages or acupuncture therapy, are charged separately. If you have specific dietary needs or accommodation requests, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Check-in for this workshop is 4 pm May 2nd and will end at 11 am May 6th.

Transform the world through resilient leadership

Doug Stephenson Trio
Donnie Clark & Rob Fahie

Why People Love this Experience

“Brian's balance between coach, mentor, intellectual, and business leader is so smooth as to be flawless. Within a few words of casual conversation he can probe, shore you up, show you possibilities, and question your assumptions.”

Chris FreekSenior Manager, Communications and Marketing at The University of British Columbia

“I have the pleasure of working with Brian as a Coach. His extensive experience as a visionary and leader has given me the tools and vision to expand my knowledge. He definitely asked the right interesting provoking questions to dig inside for our own answers.”

Erika GutierrezTrainer and Facilitator

“Brian is a great listener. I can truly say that he has worked on his craft, and has developed this skill to a masterful degree. My thoughts, when reflected in his words, were no longer confused, but focused and inviting further exploration.”

Roman GoldmannConstruction Project Manager