Siquoia Henning
Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer

Siquoia Henning

Sequoia’s life journey has been an ongoing evolvement of her spiritual development through the continuous study and practice of yoga, healing and sound medicine. She started her Yoga journey back in 1995 on her second journey to India. Since then, she has explored various paths of Yoga, which has gifted her with an endless sea of knowledge and wisdom. She continues to deepen her yogic studies, daily practice. One of her greatest teachers of life has been her twenty-five years of living in India for half the year.

Sequoia healed herself of a serious condition of Crohns using the yogic tools of breath, sound and positive thoughts and affirmation. From her experience, she now encourages others to find and then listen to their own inner teacher. Sequoia has been leading sound healing workshops, journeys and healing internationally
for over 18 years. Her passion for breath, sound and connections are interwoven into the practical tools she shares to assist others to find presence and in this space one automatically begins to open door that expand consciousness.

Sequoia creates a sacred space in any class she offers, knowing from coming into presence, acceptance and our heart, can healing happen. She shines an endless light of knowledge, mixed with humour and love.