• King Room – $1,309.00
  • Twin Shared Room 2 Person Shared – $1,054.00
  • Sunroom Dorm 4 Person Shared – $724.00
  • Sentinel Camping – $634.00

Date & Time Details: Check in 3pm February 15th - Check out 11am February 18th

Cost: This is an all-inclusive fee with meals and shared accommodation included. Private accommodation available upon request and subject to availability. Travelling costs or extra services, such as massages or acupuncture therapy, are charged separately. If you have any questions or requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Deposit : 30% Deposit required upon registration

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Cannabis a Journey to Spiritual Awakening

With Stephen Gray

June 14 - 17, 2019

Free yourself from the burden of ego and open up your mind to what’s real. This deeply immersive experience creates a safe and comfortable container for you to dive deep within your soul. Discover what’s underneath the personal narratives we create to survive in this world and access an authentic place of compassion and love.

Stephen Gray, a published author and experienced spiritual guide, developed a profound interest in spirituality over 50 years ago and has since explored the power of sacramental medicine, specifically cannabis to amplify and deepen the awakening journey. Stephen has been studying the cultural and spiritual roots of marijuana for decades and has been leading exploratory circles with this plant for many years. This coupled with Stephen’s 25 years as a student and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism creates a unique space for exploration and discovery. 

This all-encompassing  3-day  meditative experience is designed for anyone interested in exploring their own spirituality. Taking a gentle and non-intrusive approach, Stephen aims to safely guide you through the experience and lead you to a freeing space of true awakening, peace and clarity. This experience is perfect if you are curious about how to use cannabis/marijuana in a more conscious and holistic way. You do not need to have any previous experience with this plant teacher. 

What happens when you open up and tune in to the delicate corners of your heart, mind and soul?

Melt into this slow-paced experience that weaves together elements of sound and movement healing, guided visualization, chakra balancing and cleansing, sensory enhancement, journalling, meditative nature walks and sharing sessions.

Spiritual Awakening Schedule 

Friday Evening
Delicious Organic Welcome Dinner
Opening & Grounding circle – Introductions and program instructions, meditation, yoga, etc.

Saturday – Ceremony Day
Sacred Herb Ceremony: Meditation, Live Music, Movement and Yoga, OM chanting, Guided Visualization and Breathwork, Sound Healing, Shamanic Drumming, Meditative Nature Walks, and more.

Sunday –Ceremony Day
Sacred Herb Ceremony: Meditation, Live Music, Movement and Yoga, OM chanting, Guided Visualization and Breathwork, Sound Healing, Shamanic Drumming, Meditative Nature Walks, and more

Monday -Closing Ceremony
Brief Meditation, Yoga, and Dance, sharing, integration guidance

Escape to a magical, meditative backdrop that carries you far away from the chaos, uncertainty and fast-paced rush of everyday life. Located next to the serene shores of Kootenay Lake this beautiful natural environment rejuvenates, invigorates and gives back to your soul.

Discover A Place Of Peace And Compassion

Listen to this recent podcast with Stephen!

“I feel fortunate to have journeyed with Stephen through three of his Cannabis & Spirituality Meditations. I am humbled by the power, awed at the depth and refreshed by my mental and emotional clarity days after. A gift of inner spaciousness indeed!” – Jonathan Beals

“These green ceremonies are like mini-meditation retreats: deep dives into elemental and energetic consciousness. You get to appreciate just how your meditation is going and how your senses can be resonant doorways into profoundly alive inner spaces and inspirations. Stephen leads with heart and a soulfully musical touch.”
– Kolin Lymworth, Founder of Banyen Books

“Stephen brings deep knowledge to his work along with a genuine concern to create a safe space to journey. His guidance was always well-paced. I had a sense that I was being led by a wise soul who knew the terrain making it possible for me to focus deeply on the experience.” – Bruce Sanguin, Psychotherapist and Author


Stephen Gray
Stephen Gray is a teacher and writer on spiritual subjects, including entheogenic, sacramental medicines. Stephen was a student, meditation instructor, and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism for 25 years. His teacher was the brilliant crazy-wisdom master Chögyam Trungpa, with whom he had numerous encounters. He has worked extensively with Tibetan Buddhism, the Native American Church, and with several other entheogenic medicines. The author of Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality, (John Hunt Publishing, 2010), he is also a conference and workshop organizer, leader, and speaker as well as part-time photographer and composer of meditative music under the artist name Keary.…
Learn more about Stephen Gray