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Date & Time Details: January 12th 9 am-5 pm

Ginger Joy

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Honouring Our Ancestors

With Courtney Wren-Mabbutt and Ginger Joy Rivest, RMT

January 12, 2019

Honouring Our Ancestors

 A day of healing through an experiential constellations workshop.

Through the power of the healing circle, we will explore ‘the knowing field’. This field of energy is the broader relational and systemic energy fields that play out in our individual lives, our relational/ family lives, our communities and our world. Through an embodied experiential process we will use constellations work to give you a clearer sense of the ancestral energies that are impacting you in your life and how you can shift/ heal these energies both for yourself and for the good of the larger world. We will also honour all those that have come before us, allowing space for exploration of receiving the strengths and offering gratitude for the gifts. If this work calls to your heart join us!

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Courtney Wren-Mabbutt
Courtney has her Master’s in Clinical Social work and provides therapy to individuals, couples, children and families in Nelson and in Winlaw, BC. Courtney has training in family constellations working with systemic relational constellations in healing generational traumas and collective wounds that are held in the knowing field. She incorporates shamanism into her work including ceremony, ritual, the medicine wheel and connection to the land. She is also trained in Embodied Spirituality, Attachment, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing- a somatic- relational approach to working with the nervous system and healing from trauma. She works with the individual and collective nervous system,…
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Ginger Joy Rivest, RMT
Ginger Joy Rivest, RMT Touch Massage was established in 2007 by Ginger Joy Rivest as a Neuro-Somatic therapeutic bodywork practice. Since then Ginger added to her training with Thai Massage training in Chang Mai Thailand, and by completing the 3 year Registered Massage Therapist certification and licensing for BC in 2012. The purpose of such rigorous training is to provide you with the highest standard of front line health care that can address everything from chronic pain and injury rehabilitation to pure relaxation from daily stress. Her comprehensive training includes deep tissue and light touch approaches. Your session will be…
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