• $125.00 – Program Tuition

Date & Time Details: Summer Pro-d August 24th, 2018 - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Delicious Organic Lunch Provided

Location: The Sentinel

Address: 5278 Amundsen Road Kaslo, BC

Extended Stay : For each of these programs there is an option to extend ones stay for the night with meals and accommodation at the beautiful Sentinel Retreat prior to or after the workshop, this would also include meditation and movement in the evening with Sonya.

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Mindfulness for Educators: Restore and Reset

With Sonya Franke

August 24, 2018

Mindfulness for Educators:  Restore and Reset

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space…in that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and freedom” ~ Victor E. Frankl

Step out of your busy day to day for a mini-retreat, either with members of your staff and begin to build a peaceful, creative and more interpersonally connected workspace OR come solo and treat yourself in paradise.

This offering is open to all administrators, teachers, educational assistants, support workers,  counsellors and custodians, or anyone who is or has been a teacher or caregiver in any capacity!  This event will be hosted by The Sentinel Retreat Centre on Kootenay Lake near Kaslo B.C.  This program is open to anyone and has is specially designed for people in the field of education to cultivate daily habits and actions to reduce the stress response and burnout, engage with self-regulation practices, boost the enjoyment of teaching. 

Participants will explore and learn strategies and techniques through mindfulness to help manage in the moment and lessen accumulated stress. This also provides an opportunity to enjoy a day or more in a peaceful beautiful setting to deepen and explore the practice of resting in embodied awareness, experiencing formal and informal practice of mindfulness through sitting, mindful walking, mindful eating,  and gentle restorative movement. Most of the time in this workshop will be spent in silence except for question and answer sessions or private consultation.

Participants will explore and learn the following strategies and techniques:

. Learn strategies for Top-down stress management as well as Bottom-up stress management that can be integrated into our lives every day (meta- cognitive and somatic awareness)

. Learn about what mindfulness is, and how it can benefit our whole body system in many ways over time, understand the difference between formal and informal mindfulness practice

. Strengthen health, compassion, resiliency, and creativity

. Have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the personal practice and science of mindfulness

. Explore gentle restorative movement and mindful eating

 acquire strategies and skills which are transferable to working with youth of all ages

.  Have the opportunity to return to The Sentinel for ongoing retreats which will offer space and opportunity for continued deepening of personal practice. 


Sonya is a caring passionate teacher who has changed the lives of many students in this beautiful town of ours…We have all been impressed by the positive impact her work has had on students. The mindfulness program she pioneered here has been a gift to the school and to the community. I highly recommend Sonya for her enthusiasm, her leadership skills, and her commitment to mindfulness.

Dan Miles -Former principal of JV Humphries family of Schools, Kaslo BC

Participate as a group, a whole school staff or individuals from a variety of schools.  If this is of interest to you and neither of these dates work for you, you can book the Sentinel for whole staff retreats.

“Short moments of awareness repeated many times  becomes automatic and continuous” ~ Chris McKenna, Mindful Schools


Sonya Franke
 Sonya Franke has many years of experience as a classroom teacher and is certified as an educator in mindfulness. Sonya brings 30 years of personal and professional experience as a teacher. She is also certified by Mindful Schools, and has practiced mindfulness and taught mindful movement and yoga for over 20 years. She is extremely passionate about sharing her experience and techniques of mindfulness to everyone, especially to educators and youth. She has facilitated professional development to teachers, support staff, and administrators. She has also offered workshops and sessions to youth and families.  To learn more about Sonya please visit her…
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