What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?

John Steinbeck

There are no crowds here in winter. No traffic. No lift lines.

It’s largely silent at the Sentinel when the snow falls, save for the sound of a squirrel chirping in a nearby, snow-covered pine, coyotes singing for their supper on a crisp, moonlit mountain night, or the occasional whomp-whomp of a chopper ferrying ecstatic skiers to some of the finest powder stashes on the planet.

It’s magical on the shores of our lake in winter. Come experience it.

For your Self.

Winter is coming.

George R.R. Martin

Surrounded by the soaring, snow-cloaked Selkirk and Purcell ranges, fronted by magnificent, always blue, too-deep-to-freeze Kootenay Lake, the Sentinel in winter is a special place.

There are other  sanctuaries — places of refuge and renewal — that are easier to reach than the Sentinel. We are well off the beaten path. Those who venture here in winter tend to be just a bit more adventurous than most.

But then if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

For retreat guests desiring outside activities during their stay, our Winter Experiential Concierge can arrange guided alpine skiing featuring the world’s best powder, a 15-minute helicopter ride away. Or perhaps cross-country or resort skiing is more to your taste. Or snow-shoeing, or a snowmobile excursion capped by a delicious champagne lunch in the alpine wonderland that surrounds us. Whatever your winter preferences, we can accommodate them.

We can offer superb meals tailored to our guests’ culinary tastes and preferences, when appropriate matched with a thoughtful selection of award-winning British Columbia wines, craft beers, and spirits.

Outstanding musicians, authors, and speakers can be booked to add additional lustre to a customized Sentinel experience.

Our Finnish-style, round wood-fired sauna and adjacent sunken cedar hot tub are delightful on a snowy mountain evening. Should massage, reiki, acupuncture, or yoga services be required, we can effortlessly make that happen.

The Sentinel in winter. For the few, the creative, the adventurous, a customized winter experience with us makes perfect sense.

Sentinel customized winter retreats are as unique as our guests. Every retreat is tailored to match your specific requests and desires.

For example, a five-day, six-night Sentinel winter retreat might include two days of superlative alpine skiing, guided by our outstanding partners, Stellar Heli-Skiing.

To be clear, there are slopes in our alpine backyard (and the front, too, for that matter) to suit virtually every ability. With that in mind, here is a jaw-dropping video featuring one of the world’s best snowboarders, Travis Rice, tackling some of our toughest terrain. We were delighted to host Travis and his team earlier this year, while Stellar whisked him up onto the nearby slopes to tackle some of the most amazing rides of his storied career!

Whether you and your fellow guests decide to hit the slopes or not,  daily massage and acupuncture treatments are both popular and therapeutic. Other activities might include an intimate concert in our stunning round, timber-framed Maloca, looking out over the lake and the Purcells. You may wish us to arrange an inspirational speaker or workshop, tackling a topic of particular interest to you and your colleagues. We would be delighted to arrange a party with invited folks from the nearby (and utterly charming) village of Kaslo at the Angry Hen craft brewery, located across the street from the MS Moyie, the world’s oldest intact paddle sternwheeler…

… or anything else the imagination allows.

We look forward to introducing you to our magical mountain world this winter.