Not only is it the first full moon of the year – it’s a full moon in Leo, arguably one of the most chaotic signs. Chaos can be a good thing though; it’s partnered with creativity, abundance, and expansion. This is a great time to channel into your deepest potential and bring it forward.

Here are some at home ritual ideas for our Sentinel family.

By Lina Konovalov

1) Cleanse your space

One thing we make sure to do regularly at the Sentinel is cleanse the space. With so much emotional work being done within these walls, a lot of energy – dark energy too – can get stuck. Any purifier that you feel a connection to will do. This can include palo santo, sage, and essential oils. If you are sensitive to smells or smoke, you can consider cleansing the space through sound by chanting. Even simpler, just give your room a deep clean!

2) MAnifest your desires

Lunar events like full moons and new moons are a great time to visualize and manifest your desires. Start by grabbing your journal and your favourite pen, and sitting down somewhere cozy with a cup of herbal tea (we reccomend mugwort – it’s great for meditation and it grows here in the Kootenays!). Close your eyes and connect to your authentic self: what do you want? Who do you want to be? Write down whatever comes to mind. Don’t be shy, your heart is speaking to you.


Leo’s are all about creativity, confidence, and self-expression. So, tap into your inner superstar. Get dressed up in your most outrageous outfit, put on some funky tunes, and get grooving! If dancing isn’t your thing, or you have downstairs neighbours, channel your creativity through another medium. Whether it’s painting, singing or making macaroni art, make it your own. Don’t be afraid to express yourself fully.

Not sure what to listen to? We’ve got your back. Here’s a playlist we curated for this special night.

We hope this full moon ritual leaves you feeling centred and inspired. Stay tuned for more tips on self-care, wellness, and spiritual living. 

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