The Chiron Learning Academy’s psychedelic integration learning program is offered in two ways:

  • A full course consisting of 90 hours of self-directed online learning, including webinars & discussion groups. Completion is a prerequisite for the week-long intensive experiential workshop ($2,500 CDN + food, lodging and applicable taxes).
  • The 90-hour self-directed online learning course alone, including webinars & discussions groups. ($750 CDN + applicable taxes).

Applicants will have a working knowledge of holistic health. They will be engaged in their own inner journey work, and will be interested in serving their communities in healthy ways.

This learning experience is designed to prepare practitioners to work with clients in a team setting. They will have the ongoing support of the Chiron Learning Academy and its members. Practitioners will work under the best practices policies and procedures outlined in the North Star Ethics Pledge, and those of the Academy itself.

For further information and an application, please fill in the contact form below. Should you have any specific questions, please let us know in the Message field.

Thank you.



    Ontario  August 9-15, 2020

    The Sentinel  October 18-24, 2020