As we ever-so tentatively emerge from this unexpected global pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to begin again.
Rights of passage, letting go of the old to invite in the new, rebirth — these are all ancient themes, nothing new. What is unique in this exquisitely timed year of 20/20 is the opportunity to do so collectively and consciously, after a long period of isolation from one another. Drawing on this potent alchemy of circumstances, we will at long last gather once again!  Dance, music, art and ritual will be our medicine. Join us on the shores of mystical Kootenay Lake as we dive into a movement and nature-based inquiry for 4 days of dance, community, good food, and unexpected insights which will shape our emergence.
Join us as we Dance Forward!

This deep dive into dance will be facilitated by Bernice Raabis

Bernice has run two weekly dance events for the last eight years. Dance Church, her hugely popular event, sees a multi-generational community come alive in  dance each Sunday morning! On Wednesday evenings, she facilitates Dance The Medicine, a class based on a combination of soul motionmovement-based expressive art therapy, and somatic therapy. In 2016, she began to teach abroad, organizing and teaching trainings and events with both Ecstatic Dance International and Dance the Medicine, two companies she founded with the intention of teaching dancers the skills they need to create dance communities of their own. Bernice is on a mission to infect the world with dance, in the hope that everyone, everywhere, will one day have a place to dance in community. She believes when we dance together, we find a common language of respect without words getting in the way.

“When we dance together we have a much more difficult time going to war with one another.”

Dance Forward is a multi-modal dance retreat, using dance, music, ritual, art, and journaling to access new information about yourself and how you want to choose to move forward in your life and in the world.

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