March Full Moon Ritual

As the first full moon of Spring, March 28th’s Worm Moon is a catalyst for renewal and rebirth. As well, this is a full moon in Libra, meaning it’s an excellent time to seek out balance in your life. 

To celebrate this new time of awakening, we’ve compiled a simple Worm Moon Ritual you can practice from anywhere.

By Lina Konovalov 


Spring is here, so now is the time to go outside and commune with the earth. Take it a step further and make this connection sacred. Grab an item that represents what you intend to grow within yourself, and plant it as a seed somewhere that is special to you. Revisit the spot again to remind yourself of what you are cultivating, and reflect on how much growth you’ve had.



Water is essential to life, and a symbol of purity. It has long been used by many spiritual traditions as a tool for cleansing the spirit. You can also simply use it to connect to nature! With so many gorgeous bodies of water surrounding us here in the Kootenays, its magical uses are limitless. We suggest finding a quiet spot by a lake or river. If that is not accessible, place some spring water into a bowl and carry it outside with you into the moonlight. Say a prayer, sprinkle some water over your head, and feel refreshed, renewed and revitalized.

3. FInd balance

Lastly, Libra energy is all about finding balance. How can we bring more pleasure into our lives? How can we set better boundaries? Start off this final part of your ritual by clearing your space and getting your journal out. Make a chart and note on one column what you would like to invite, and on the other, what you would like to release. Use this space to find your own personal middle ground.

Need some tunes to accompany you through this magical time? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a Libra-themed playlist curated by local music wizard Samantha Ballard (@roseofvirgo)

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