BoHo Beautiful — the Sentinel Series!


  • Five Minute Meditation — take 5 minutes to breathe, unplug, and re-center your mind
  • Feel-Good Yoga, Restart — release all tension from your body & mind
  • Feel-Good Yoga, Flow — perfect for re-balancing your mind, and connecting deeper with your body
  • Morning Yoga — perfect to start you day, or anytime you’re in need of re-centering
  • Intermediate Yoga — challenge your body & mind in wonderful ways

If you’re into yoga, you are probably aware of BoHo Beautiful!

With nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers, this dynamic wife & husband team (Juliana is the amazing instructor, Mark is the incredible filmmaker), BoHo Beautiful  is one of the world’s most popular sources of yoga training videos.

We’re so grateful — and excited — that Juliana & Mark have teamed with The Sentinel to offer dog and yoga lovers a very special opportunity to both transform their lives, and help save the lives of our four-legged friends.

Canines & yoga — a perfect match! We think of this video bundle as the UPWARD DOG!

Make your donation — we suggest a minimum of $20, but whatever your heart & wallet allow is deeply appreciated — and receive a link granting you access to five wonderful videos, all of them filmed right here & near The Sentinel, on the shores of magnificent Kootenay Lake.



Murphy, a Heart Dog Rescue alumnus, has found a happy forever home with The Sentinel’s Janet & Randy!

Please be generous with your donation to Heart Dog Rescue, a non-profit that works tirelessly to save countless abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs. And, bonus — we know these videos will become treasured inspirations and constant, easily accessible resources as you move toward becoming a better you!

Thanks for your support — and namaste!


Juliana and Mark of BoHo Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is a travel, yoga and lifestyle brand founded by Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk, creating positive content for the body, mind, and earth. With content centred around yoga, travel, fitness, vegan food, self-awareness, conscious living, and guided meditations, their reach has grown to over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube, 360,000+ followers on Instagram, sold tens of thousands of books & programs online, and inspired and been inspired by so many wonderful people from all over the planet.

As a growing community for health and mindfulness, the ongoing mission for Boho Beautiful is to create and share as much high-frequency, positive content as possible, and to continue to reach and connect to as many people as this wonderful opportunity will allow.

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