Mandala Natura No. 1



The Photographic Art of Jan Novotny

Mandala Natura No. 1

If ever there were a reminder that photography is an art form, this, surely, is it. These are images of Nature seen through the eye of a remarkable artist, as moved by the inner impact of what he is seeing and creating as he is with the scene or object itself.

Trees. Plants. Rocks. Snow. Streams. Moss, Lichen. And the realization we are one with them all, portrayed in images of startling depth and delicious mystery — that is the essence of the Mandala Natura Collection.

Inspired by his experiences at The Sentinel, we are excited and privileged to offer discerning collectors 10 stunning images, printed by this brilliant photographer, each in a strictly limited run of five, signed and numbered by Jan Novotny.

17″ x 22″    printed on high quality matte photographic paper, suitable for framing

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Limited edition of five, each signed and numbered by Jan Novotny


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The inevitable turbulence of life can obscure the underlying symmetry of the universe.

This stunning collection of original images by Czech-Canadian photographer, Jan Novotny, available exclusively through The Sentinel, removes the distorting veil, revealing the essential balance of…  everything.

Here is Novotny’s artist’s statement:


The forms in this collection merely flow through my eye — viewers become their own creators as they give these images meaning.

The realization that the observer becomes the creator came as I shared these pictures with others.  I discovered the same mandalas will represent very different things to different people, that the images can be intensely personal, and that their meaning will change in synchronicity with the flow of the viewer’s inner spaces.  The following comment sums this up beautifully: ‘contemplating my Mandala Natura helped me bring forth what needed to be revealed.’

I allow these Mandalas to take form with the intention of venerating life, unearthing joy, and showcasing the wonder of existence.




Jan Novotny has been photographing the world since 1963 when he picked up his father’s camera as a thirteen-year-old.  At age fifteen good fortune struck. He was thrown out of school for political reasons and found a job doing odd work at the leading photographic studio in the Czech capital, Prague.  There he learned from old masters who worked with enormous, ancient cameras without shutters, and from successful younger photographers who had access to the only Hasselblad in all of communist Czechoslovakia — the very same technologically advanced, obscenely expensive device Neil Armstrong took to the moon.  Novotny lived for photography — by the time he became a refugee in 1968, his images had been published and showcased in several shows.

After settling in Canada, Jan’s life took a different path. While his passion for photography never left him, his life path took him in different directions. Then, in 2010, the flickering photographic flame burst into a merry blaze. Several successful shows followed, including a blockbuster travelling exhibit, seen by thousands, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Most of his previous work can best be described as an investigation of social issues, featuring images that are primarily shot with traditional film cameras, and in black and white. The Mandala Natura collection is a departure, a change in focus that Novotny attributes, at least in part, to two life-changing experiences at The Sentinel.


For more about Jan and his work, click here to read a fascinating interview with the photographer!

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