Mind, Language, and Reality: A Quantum Exploration


Change your view of reality!

If you’ve ever wanted to electrify your relationship with reality by understanding your mind on a profound level…

….or you’ve wanted to know what quantum physics could tell us about the nature of our existence…

…or you’ve wanted to go on an intellectual rollercoaster ride in a fun environment where it’s safe to express out-of-the-box thinking with other adventurers…

…or you’ve sensed that a new, more transformative, more powerful form of leadership is needed when it comes to addressing climate change and planetary challenges…

…but you didn’t know where to start….

Well, you’re in the right place!


Join course creator, facilitator, and host Justin Robinson for a fascinating dive into the emerging field of Quantum Social Theory. Over 10 live Zoom sessions and two Meditation Labs, you’ll set off to discover its profound implications for leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, social scientists, practitioners, and agents of change. This is a course that may forever change how you see yourself and your place in the Universe!

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What will I learn?

This quantum exploration is for you if you want to…

  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of exactly how creative you could be when it comes to participating in and shaping reality
  • Explore a radically different interpretation of human minds—one that flies in the face of accepted beliefs taught in the psychology departments of most universities
  • Stretch yourself and develop new perspectives that can deepen your leadership and amplify your personal agency
  • Participate in meditation labs where you will learn contemplative practices that can lead to important insights about the true nature of mind
  • Grapple with topics in the philosophy of science and metaphysics, in a safe learning environment where the topics are presented in a way that makes them understandable and interesting
  • Be among the first to explore leading-edge scholarship that could revolutionize the way social scientists think about the world, and the questions they ask about it
  • Use your imagination to play with a context that leads to an expanded set of possibilities for the future of human civilization
  • Learn with people from all sorts of backgrounds who have come together to explore something of interest to them
  • Gain access to an 8-page syllabus with over 40 resources including books, videos, podcasts, and papers coherently organized to make learning easy for you


How will I learn?

Third Person Inquiry:
Diving into the Research with Weekly Lectures and Discussion
First Person Experience:
Diving into the Mind with Meditation Labs
Each [SUNDAY MORNING, TBD], join us for a 90 minute session, where the focus is on groundbreaking research and ideas delivered in the form of an interactive lecture with lots of lively discussion and inquiry. In these lectures, there will be plenty of opportunities for participants to share their thoughts, but you are welcome to simply listen, whatever your preference.

In Session 9, participants will have the opportunity to take the wheel and steer the inquiry even more by presenting their own ideas, either individually or as a group.

Participants will attend two “meditation labs,” each 4 hours in length, in which we engage in inquiries and contemplative practices designed to produce insights into the nature of mind. These labs are designed in an experimental fashion, where we survey a range of different meditation techniques and instructions, but with a layer of quantum social theory informing our experimentation. My intention is that some of the exercises may help you access an exceptionally creative basis of operation—a way of relating to the world that enhances your agency and leadership capabilities.


Course FAQs

Q: I am really interested in this topic, but I’m afraid I don’t have the academic background or capability to learn it. How can I make sure it’s right for me?

A: People of all education levels have taken this course and enjoyed the experience. If you’re starting with a background in philosophy, math, economics, or the sciences, you may choose to take a deeper cut of some of the material, focusing on more challenging readings, and following a more rigorous track, but that is by no means necessary to participate. Many of the readings do not require an advanced education. Being interested is what matters. If you are interested in these topics, not only are you highly likely to enjoy the course, you are welcome to participate and you’ll find opportunities to do so in a meaningful way.


Q: What’s new about this version of the course?

A: To this current version, Justin has added two meditation labs where we will engage in techniques that require longer periods of instruction and practice; hence these labs are 4 hours each. This is the second iteration of the course, so if you jump in and participate, you’ll be among the first people to partake in it and you may help shape it for future participants.


Q: Speaking of meditation, do I need to know how to meditate to take the course?

A: No, however it is recommended that during the course you practice twice (or at least once) per day. If you’re new to meditation, try doing 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and 15 to 20 minutes at night.


Q: What if I cannot attend the live sessions (lecture and discussions)?

A: It’s highly recommended to attend the live sessions, however if you need to miss any of them, you’ll be able to access the recordings on a password-protected website for 3 months following the completion date of the course.


Q: Do I need to attend the meditation labs?

A: Two four-hour meditation labs have been included in the design of the course. These meditation labs are a critical part of your learning experience. To get the full experience, you must be present at both labs.


Q: How else will I be able to learn the material?

A: You’ll be part of a “learning pod” throughout the course. You’ll be encouraged to touch base with your pod weekly to share your insights and to support each other through the discovery process. In addition, you’ll have access to a private online threaded discussion, where participants can share resources, ask questions, and comment on each others’ thoughts as the course progresses.


Q: How do I get a head start on learning before the first class?

A: As soon as you register, you’ll get the course syllabus which is chock-full of resources (such as links to videos and podcasts as well as readings) to kick off your learning journey. 


Q: Is there anything else I should do to prepare?

A: If you decide to sign up, please email Justin at justinrobinson@me.com and let him know a bit about what interests you in the course.

Happy quantum adventuring!


What past participants in Justin’s courses have said:

I had a strong feeling that quantum social change was important and relevant, but felt intimidated to dive in alone. You rekindled that desire and gave me the structure and support I needed to start exploring…The lasting impact I feel is that I am not alone on this journey of reckoning with the nature of reality and striving to discover new ways/models/maps etc. that can  more effectively move us towards greater peace, love, and abundance for all.

     — Andrew (Mind, Language, and Reality)


I got excited to have a window of time dedicated to exploring outside of normal fixed thinking.”

     — Tyler (Mind, Language, and Reality)


Justin had such an enthusiasm for sharing the content… There was this perfect balance between mastering and knowing the topic he was sharing as well as leaving an enormous space for sharing and contributing to the conversation.

     — Andreanne (Mind, Language, and Reality)


I think the thing that most sticks with me is the sense that the universe is somehow malleable—both cold and not personal but also forgiving and relational—and how my perspective/mindset is so hugely influential in shaping my experience of it.

     — Cabot (Mind, Language, and Reality)


I had what I’d say is the biggest breakthrough of my life. No kidding.

     — Nadine (Integral Breakthrough Design Lab)


What an experience! I have expanded!
     — Sarah (Integral Breakthrough Design Lab)


This is a course I took a few months ago that has really impacted my future and vision as a leader. Highly, highly recommended.

     — Marie (Integral Breakthrough Design Lab)



Justin Roberts

Justin Robinson, MA

Justin is an accomplished researcher engaged in advanced studies in the philosophy of science, system transformation, and human development. After many years working at a high level in Canada’s energy industry, he directed the award-winning independent documentary, Pipeline Wars: A Burning Debate About our Future. During the filmmaking process, he interviewed leading figures at the intersection of leadership and sustainability and found himself knocked back by a profound realization that his life not only can but must be informed by a deeper purpose than merely achieving success in the corporate world. He soon started a daily meditation practice that has continued for seven years and began attending retreats, working with different healing modalities, and diving into advanced studies. Justin completed his MA in leadership from Royal Roads University, Canada, in 2018, winning the chancellor’s medal for the highest academic achievement in his program. After that, he consulted with faculty at Ivey Business School on the design and production of Ivey’s first-ever advanced coaching certification offered through the school’s learning and development arm. He continues to serve as a coach to several of Ivey’s executive leadership training and offerings.

Justin is the Vice President of Leadership and Innovation at Design House Collective, a strategic design consultancy that helps CEOs and founders transform their businesses. He also serves on the board of directors for Integral Without Borders, an organization devoted to enacting new pathways of wholeness, love, connection, and justice. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, next door to the Pacific Ocean and to the world-famous, stunningly beautiful Stanley Park.

Justin has a penchant for making complex concepts accessible to everyone. He created this course because the moment he encountered quantum social theory, he was struck by the deep conviction that it is important, and can help humanity evolve towards its highest potential.


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