Physiology of Trauma Masterclass

A comprehensive dive into trauma


Unprocessed trauma is the most significant yet often misunderstood roadblock to health and embodied wellness, underlying the vast majority of mental health, physical health, and addiction issues. This masterclass covers the physiology of trauma—from how it shapes neural networks to its impact on our broader physiology, relationships, and society. You’ll learn how to better understand trauma in your own body and life, how to support others, and how to better integrate your psychedelic experiences.


This masterclass is just the beginning. By joining, you will receive 3 free months of access to our Trauma Resolution Network with people just like you wanting to live a more embodied life. Inside the community, you will have access to monthly events, Q&As with experts, new educational videos, peer support, and somatic therapy training opportunities with therapist and host, Sasha.


Our goal? To help elevate society with more trauma-integrated people doing deep work on themselves and helping others address our mental health crisis.


If you’re on a healing journey, a therapist, an integration coach, healthcare worker, a parent, or simply wish to grasp the vital relationship between trauma, psychedelics, and health, this masterclass is for you.



Basic Plan

Sliding scale, $100 +


  • Masterclass video course
  • 40+ page course workbook ($100 value)
  • 3-months free access to our Trauma Resolution Network online community ($45 value)
  • Access to educational content, webinars, demo videos and training from Sasha ($200+ value)
  • Class transcript, audio version and chapter recaps


Premium Plan

Sliding scale, $200 +


Includes everything in Basic, plus $750 in extra value:

  • 2 group Q&A sessions with Sasha
  • Navigating safe touch demo
  • Resolving shame freezes demo
  • Relational healing demo video
  • Somatic resourcing and inquiry videos
  • Working with shame imprints guide
  • 19 types of trauma reference sheet
  • Inner child meditation guided practice
  • Discounted access to Sasha’s in-person relational somatic therapy training

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Who is this class for?


Integration coaches


Psychedelic practitioners

Wellness instructors

Health workers



First responders

Anyone on a healing journey


Your guide



Sasha is the host for this class. His approach to teaching and group facilitation is informed by:

  • 25 years of practical experience as a therapist.
  • Training with experts in the field, including Mariah Moser.
  • A lifelong quest to understanding and resolving traumas of all types.
  • Being the loving father of 3 boys who taught him the most about therapy.
  • Exploring a multitude of healing modalities and cultural perspectives on wellness.
  • A deep commitment to his own shadow work and helping others in an embodied way.
  • His in-depth therapist and trauma resolution trainings held in British Columbia.