Somatic Movement with Kim Novotny



Over the course of our life, muscles can become habitually tight and overstressed due to injuries, surgeries, sports, or simply ongoing everyday stressors. No matter what you try, these muscles simply won’t relax for the long term.

In this 5-part Somatic Movement video series (25 minutes each), you will learn a slow, mindful, gentle practise that will allow you to release muscle tension, from your centre to periphery. A short daily practise will bring renewed muscle control and freedom of movement, improving your overall quality of life!


I did a Physical Education degree, and from there I went on to develop movement programming for preschoolers. By age 40 I was an avid runner, and my body started to break down. One day I woke up and realized that this was not good. I found a newspaper article on pilates and knew right away what I was going to be teaching next. I really enjoyed diving into myself on a deeper, slower level. I opened a Pilates studio, and kept getting more and more clients. Still, people were reaching out for help. I kept being drawn to different modalities [looking for] more answers to the mysteries. That led me to Somatics five years ago, and that’s when I knew I had really found the key to helping myself and others with their movement.



Kim Novotny

KIM NOVOTNY B. Phys. Ed., Certified Pilates Instructor, Clinical Somatics Educator

Kim’s career as a sport/fitness coach and movement educator, spans over four decades. Over the years she has become increasingly curious why people lose their ability to move freely as they age. This curiosity led Kim to mindful movement practices such as Pilates and Somatic movement. Through her own personal exploration of these disciplines, she now helps guide others to explore and discover for themselves, their own habituated patterns of tension, and how to release out of them. Kim helps her clients re-educate their nervous system, resulting in lasting change. When tensions are released, bringing muscles into a balanced state, followed by an intelligent strengthening technique such as Pilates, harmony in overall movement and health occurs. Without movement there is no life! Kim is constantly inspired to by her clients’ willingness to continually learn and grow — by their choosing a journey of expanding self-awareness and motivation, by their eagerness to discover their own full potential.


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