The Embodied Wonderment Method™ Integration Facilitator Training Program — Module 1: WORTHY





At the foundation of skillful facilitation for psychedelic integration and addiction recovery is the embodiment of the facilitator’s own sense of worthiness and their ability to move beyond pedestaling themselves as ‘experts’ on the client’s experience. We cannot take others to where we have not been, and strategies alone do not produce healing experiences. This is why in WORTHY, we support facilitators in connecting to their own self-compassion and worthiness, so that they can offer a more compassion-centered experience for their clients.


WORTHY is composed of 8 Weekly, Virtual Workshops. Through a combination of lecture, experiential exercises, and group discussions we will move through the following workshop topics:

  1. EMBODIED INTENTION // Setting the 8-Week container together, we each choose a behavior/habit we will personally explore together as a first-hand experience in the process (and struggle) of embodied change.

  2. COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE // Returning to the simple (yet difficult!) task of coming and offering our presence first, learning to really listen and attune to our clients.

  3. OPERATING FROM THE HEART // Skill-building our ability to have open and boundaries exchanges between ourselves (as practitioners) and clients.

  4. CURIOSITY AND WONDERMENT // Practicing the curiosity and wonder that builds our neurological resourcing for navigating trauma and emotional dysregulation involved in the process of change.

  5. WORTHINESS AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM // Learning the basics of the nervous system helps us to create space for compassion for our clients, shifting our focus on what’s “wrong” with someone’s struggle, to a clear analysis of what is psychologically happening.

  6. GETTING RESOURCED // Tuning into some on-the-spot tools for navigating the “big storms” of trauma and the associated triggered responses that arise in the process of addiction recovery.

  7. EMBODIED WONDERMENT OUT IN THE WORLD // Planning for how we will apply the lessons and tools of the WORTHY module out in the world, as we practice the embodiment of wonderment in our work and lives.

  8. INTEGRATION AND CELEBRATION // Closing our 8-Week container, we return to our initial intentions, integrate the lessons of WORTHY, and preview the next module of The Embodied Wonderment Method™: KIND.


Next Cohort Begins: October 6th 2021
Total Duration: 16 Hours
Platform: Zoom


Anie Boudreau


Anie Boudreau has always been interested in how humans work, which led her to begin her studies in university with a focus in psychology and in communications. A traumatic event pushed Anie outside of the traditional academic world, and down an alternative path of weaving various healing modalities (back) together to support her own healing — and eventually, supporting the healing of others.

Anie’s next pivotal learning adventure began with mountain biking and snow boarding, ultimately ending in her suffering from nearly 30 concussions as a downhill mountain bike racer and snowboarder. Anie lives today with a brain injury, and is beginning to sense into her identity as a Disabled person who has learned many skills to survive the current world with her existing access needs given her chronic pain. It’s been a journey, to say the least, learning how to maneuver through pain every day while living a joyful life.

Anie’s brain injury brought her into the world of yoga and meditation, beginning her training in the Sivananda Lineage under the teachings and training of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California. She then went on to become trained as a Yoga Therapist and is now a Certified Yoga Therapist through the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy. She paired her yoga training with her meditation and mindfulness practices rooted in what she learned through Shambala meditation centers.

The next stop on Anie’s journey was into the world of Contemplative Psychology as taught through Karuna Training. It is here that Anie learned how to navigate difficult emotions and conversations by speaking from the heart, and operating in the world with a lens of compassion. Anie has realized that the healing power of sharing her story significantly eases her symptoms. This is the practice of speaking from the heart and the potent and powerful part of the work we do at School of Reverence. // Anie’s thesis with Karuna training was around how to apply the techniques of practice to addiction recovery.

It was through training with Jane Clapp – an Advanced Candidate in Jungian Analysis with the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts – that Anie was first introduced to work with the nervous system in a trauma-informed approach. It was at this same time that Anie was beginning to study addiction recovery through the Mental Health and Addictions Associate Certificate at Selkirk College.

Later, Anie went on to train around the use of psychedelics in supporting addiction recovery, including psychedelic integration training through the Being True to You Network.