The Shamanic Path Podcast Bundle


For over 15 years, veteran broadcaster Michael Stone has been interviewing leading edge thinkers writers, scholars, elders, and activists about the issues of our times. The Shamanic Path — the best of Michael Stone, brings together five of his best radio interviews. 

Included in this podcast package:

  • “Deer & Thunder,” with Arkan Lushwala
  • “The Journey of Soul Initiation,” with Bill Plotkin
  • “The Warrior Heart Practice,” with Heather Ash Amara
  • “Soul Repair & Radical Transformation,” with Langston Kahn
  • “Conversations About the Power of Shamanism,” with Sandra Ingerman

Michael Stone is a spiritual author, mentor, shamanic practitioner, radio host, producer, and trauma integration facilitator who co-creates individual and group environments and experiences that support people in transcending the myth of separation, to experience deep interconnection with others and all of life. He has been teaching and leading experiential events, classes, virtual seminars and workshops on Organizational Development, Embodied Shamanism, Moving Meditation, Personal Growth, and Spiritual Fulfillment for over 40 years.

Michael Stone