Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have carefully aligned our outstanding programming to ensure strict compliance with all applicable provincial health guidelines. 


For programming updates and information, please contact either JJ Morse or Dustin East.


For those unable to visit us in person, we are pleased to be able to present virtual visitors with an opportunity to access to a growing range of online content, including instructional videos, online courses, inspirational articles, video series, ebooks & audiobooks, podcasts, music, and an ever-changing array of products that celebrate our core values and mission, through our new store, the  Virtual Sentinel.

Warrioress Retreat- A Visionary Council For Women Of The Sacred Arts



October 8—10, 2021


In this gathering of wise warrior women, we will illuminate the mystery school that lives within each of our hearts through the ceremonial reclamation of our Divine Sovereignty. We will dive deep into the well of compassion, forgiveness, and medicine that lives in our DNA, and re-member the Love that we are.


We will embrace the ancient remembrance hidden deep within our being of the “embodied Divine Feminine” through the power of our reverent devotion and potent practices of Union that span time, space, and spiritual traditions. Through this devotion, we will envision the new forms of leadership and practice that are required in this time of the Great Quickening and the global re-emergence of the fully empowered Goddess.


For further information, please contact JJ Morse, at jj@sentinelbc.ca

yoga in Maloca

Revelstoke Retreats (SOLD OUT)


October 15—17, 2021

Song of the Ancestors Forest Medicine Retreat


October 29—November 1, 2021



Join gifted space holders for an incredible weekend dedicated to healing, empowerment, and embodiment. We are gathering during the potent time of Samhain and Dia de los Muertos, (or Halloween as we know it here). This will be a tremendous time to honour our ancestors, sending our prayers, and requesting help from our lineages to aid in our healing practices and journeys together.
For further information, please contact JJ Morse, at jj@sentinelbc.ca.

Wim Hof Method & Fundamentals of Breathwork, with Jefrey C. Sorensen


November 5—7, 2021



This retreat will be nothing short of EPIC!! The opportunity to come together in community and shatter fears, patterns and limiting beliefs has been life-changing for many!


These weekends are so much more than learning the science of the Wim Hof Method, breathwork, movement sessions, and taking ice baths! It’s the way all the pieces click together within a supportive container that creates the opportunity for truly life-altering breakthroughs.


This Wim Hof/Breathwork weekend will be made even more unforgettable, thanks to the spectacular setting of the Sentinel, overlooking magnificent Kootenay Lake and the aoring Purcell Range. A wood-fired sauna and beautiful outdoor hot tub will ensure you’re toasty warm after challenging your limits in the ice bath and lake!


Over the course of the weekend the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method will be woven together — breathwork, cold exposure, and mindset. You’ll leave the weekend with tools that can create lasting improvements to your health, mood, clarity, focus, and physical/mental performance.


We would love to have you join us!


Your Sacred Self


November 18—21, 2021



Healing and connecting to your sacred self — mind, body, emotions, and spirit through movement, education, yoga, breathwork, chanting, community, laughter, plant-based vegan food, rest — and relaxation!




For further information, please contact JJ Morse, at jj@sentinelbc.ca.

Rebirth & Rewire


November 26—28, 2021



Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.


— Lao Tzu


New scientific research has proven that our brains are more plastic than previously thought, that we are able to change the way we think, rewire the neural pathways in our brains and thus, change our lives. In this weekend retreat, alongside a medicine which amplifies the potential for brain plasticity, we will be teaching you how to repattern the old ways of being and create new stories, new habits, and new beliefs which are life affirming, healthy, and assist you in the journey of reaching greater states of wholeness. Our intention is to teach you how to work deeply with your own body and presence yourself in new, integrative ways which pave the way for profound and lasting inner change, recreating the way you see yourself and the world.



For further information, please contact JJ Morse, at jj@sentinelbc.ca

Collective Hearts 6.0


December 3—5, 2021



For further information, please contact info@drkevinpreston.com.