Empowered Breath — The Wim Hoff Method  Weekend

December 4 — 6, 2020 


Come and join Jeffrey Sorensen and the breathARMY community for a fun-filled weekend of transformation, discovery and connection. Over the course of this weekend, we will dive deep into the three pillars of The Wim Hof Method here at The Sentinel, a spectacular, secluded retreat centre internationally known for curating events directed toward personal transformation. The intimate group size, secluded setting, and opportunity to reconnect to our true nature will create an experience you will never forget.
Our journey will begin long before you actually step foot on Sentinel soil. A pre-retreat Zoom call will help settle any curiosities, provide an opportunity to meet others in the group, and set intentions for your weekend. Whether you are working on your personal development, mental or physical health, expanding your limits, or simply want to connect with others and deepen your practice, this call will begin to create the container to facilitate your transformation.
The weekend will include several guided breath journeys utilizing both the Wim Hof Method and other styles of breathwork, cold dips in pristine (and chilly) Kootenay Lake, an ice bath, movement to open the body prior to breathwork and warm the body after cold exposure, as well as opportunities to relax in the Sentinel’s sauna and hot tub, reflect and connect with nature and other like-minded participants.
While the weekend will be rich in experiences, we will also take the time to discuss the physiology and science behind the Wim Hof Method, as well as other popular breathing techniques. We will discuss how to utilize the modalities of breathwork, cold exposure, and mindset to create transformation, health, and happiness in our lives.
As integration is key for any peak experience, guidance will be provided for how to continue your practice, integrate the weekend, and move forward with new-found tools. A post-retreat Zoom call will be offered two weeks after the retreat to reconnect the group, provide support, and answer any questions that may have arisen.
While diving deep within yourself, enjoy the luxuries The Sentinel provides. Gourmet meals and snacks, beautiful views, and an intimate connection to nature will make this an experience to be remembered for years to come.
For further information, contact The Sentinel at (250) 353-2246, or email: info@sentinelbc.ca.
PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 Conditions of Entry and Public Safety Standards are in effect at The Sentinel. Physical distancing, gloves, and masks when appropriate are integral to our daily operating practices. Guests and workshop participants agree to comply with our COVID-19 requirements, which may include the use of masks and physical distancing. Thank you in advance for your consideration.