What It Takes To Heal

Note: this blog post was originally published by Jackie Lede on her website The Whole Life Practice. Find the original post here. 

I used to have a very different idea of what healing was, and what it would take for it to happen for me. My old ideas about healing were based on these two false beliefs:

1 – I believed that once I finally found that one thing that worked, I would be healed and I could move on.

2 – I believed that my physical symptoms that arose in my physical body needed to be healed on the same level.

One thing I like to teach people is that any sort of symptoms you are working on to clear, a form of healing needs to take place in order to bring you back into balance. Whether you are working to release extra weight, are struggling with eczema, or are experiencing anxiety, in order for any of these symptoms to subside, we must go through a healing process.

As humans, we have many layers for us. I like to break them down into the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and behavioural layers. In order for true healing to occur, we must consider each level. If we don’t, a part of our healing might not happen and it won’t allow us to fully release what it is that we are trying to release. It doesn’t necessarily need to happen all at once either. One level may be sufficient for a period of time, but if that symptom comes back or other new symptoms start to arise, it means there is something else that still needs attention and often something for us to learn.

I have personally experienced this with my digestive system. I began my healing journey with my digestion by addressing the physical imbalances that were happening. Most people work on the physical imbalance first, because in our culture that is where medicine focuses. I went to work on healing my digestive tract, improving my microbiome, and changing my diet. All of these methods worked for me and for a period of time all of my symptoms subsided, however over time they started to come back. It wasn’t until I started to go to work on the other layers, that my symptoms started to heal again, this time on a different level.

This might take some of the pressure off of focusing just on one form of healing such as dieting. For example, if you have been struggling with weight for a big part of your life, it would make sense that a multilevel approach to healing would be needed for it to completely release from your system. If you just focused on food, you may lose weight, but eventually, those behaviours or emotional wounds that are holding the imbalance in place will surface, and you will find yourself back in what feels like the same place as before you changed your diet. Your diet change might not have the same dramatic effect that it first did when you started. This is a good sign that although this level of healing was necessary for you to take the first step forward, there is now another layer that is ready and needs to be healed.

This happened to me when my digestive symptoms started coming back after they had originally healed for the first time, and I went back to trying the same approach that worked last time: through physical healing. This time it didn’t work. I even started to eliminate certain foods and became really strict with my diet, and nothing shifted. I was shocked, confused and frustrated! Why wasn’t it working for me now, when it worked so well before? It was a sign for me that this wasn’t the level of healing that needed to take place. At this time of my life, it ended up being an emotional block that needed to be tended to. I was in a relationship that didn’t feel in line with what I truly wanted and needed but I was ignoring the intuitive signs that were telling me this. Until I left the relationship and got clear on what I needed in a partner, my digestive symptoms kept acting up. The lessons for my own personal growth that I needed to learn was to listen to my intuition because it always knows what’s best, and it taught me as a practitioner, that people are made up of much more layers than just the physical.

Maybe you have experienced something like this before, something you used to do to manage your symptoms and it isn’t working anymore? Maybe you keep trying different diets over and over again, but you keep ending up back in the same place. We can even start taking a medication that will mask the symptoms we experience, but then we will get a new symptom in a different area of our body. It is also common for us to not heal in a linear fashion, you may feel like it is one step forward and two steps back. Healing is not linear, and it will look different for each person. I encourage you to start thinking outside the box when it comes to healing, and whatever it is you may be struggling with. It might be time to try a new approach or look for deeper reasons why you are stuck.

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Jackie Lede; Photo Credit: The Whole Life Practice
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