Your Moon Cycle by Season

Verocoya is a Franco-Ontarien artist and handpoked tattooist, currently residing in Golden, British Columbia. She expresses her unique voice through experimentation and play through different mediums and her own rhythm. She creates from a colourful space that honours nature and the wild, divine feminine.

Note: this blog post was originally published in ‘Flowsha Zine’. Learn more about it here. 

These seasons of self will vary based on the length of your cycle, and note that the transitions are seamless and fluid. Nothing about the cycle is boxed in. 

days 1-7 bleeding

like in the winter, we come inwards and rest. Try to take time away and be alone, honouring silence and slowing down. Your body is working hard. You may find it difficult to be participatig in the intense patriarchal society at this time. Your intuition is high, your psychic perception heightened.

days 8-14 pre-ovulation

As you emerge from the chrysalis, like a budding after the frost – you might feel tender and timid in the first days. Though, as the inner sun rises and you gain strength, this is one of your most productive – and masculine – times. Going to work, doing your taxes, all becomes an easier task as your estrogen rises and you feel strong. Sexual energy and confidence is rising.

days 15-21 ovulation 

The full moon is here. Summer is high. The peak. You are radiant, oozing feminine glory. Your estrogen is at its highest point and this your fertile window. You are magnetic to others, glowing and confident. You might be feeling introverted even though your hormonal structure is supportive of your showing up in the world with gregarious grace. Your sexual energy is usually particularly insatiable.

days 22-28 pre-menstrual

What goes up, must come down. Like the tree shedding leaves in the autumn coolness, your inner world let’s go of its previous cycle. Shedding layers of the self, layers of untruth. It can feel disorienting to descend after the warm glow of the sun, but you can welcome this much needed rest. Inviting you to release, let go, take space from others and listen to your boundaries. It’s a time to honour you, rather than give to others. You may have a sharp tongue here, your emotions are more present. You will find ease in surrender.


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