Richard Kay and Gillian Maxwell

We think of The Sentinel as a custodian. A wise presence that watches over the land and cares for the people that live and spend time on this beautiful property. 

     Gillian Maxwell & Richard Kay, Sentinel Founders

A mindful world beyond conventions


The Sentinel exists to realize the full potential of humanity, creating a mindful world through cutting-edge transformative practices. We offer transformative programs and diverse gathering spaces in a tranquil setting overlooking Kootenay Lake and the soaring Purcell Range. 

The Sentinel is a place of transformation and inspiration. Situated on a spectacular property overlooking British Columbia’s stunningly beautiful Kootenay Lake, we attract visitors from every corner of the globe to our intimate workshops and retreats, as well as produce and curate virtual programming, all aimed at assisting humanity in attaining its highest potential in times of both challenge and promise. 


We are constantly reviewing, and when necessary enhancing our protocols to secure the well-being of our visitors. 

How to find us

Our remoteness is one of our virtues. It protects us from crowds — a place this stunning would be overrun if it were easier to get to!


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