The Sentinel exists to realize the full potential of humanity, creating a mindful world beyond convention through cutting-edge transformative practices.

Meet the Founders

The Sentinel’s founders and co-CEOs, Gillian Maxwell and Richard Kay, represent a powerful partnership in marriage and life experience. (Read their story)

We think of The Sentinel as a custodian. A wise presence that watches over the land and cares for the people that live and spend time on this beautiful property.”

We believe that the path to self-discovery looks different for everyone. Whether you build resilient leadership through the  lense of jazz, or find love, joy and pleasure in your physical body through conscious movement, we look forward to being a part of your journey.

Meet the Team

Our team have an integral role in fulfilling our vision and mission for all those who visit The Sentinel

Janet Mayfield

General Manager

Dayna Taylor

Event Manager & Intake Coordinator

Shannon Gaiger

Customer Service & Events Administrator

Cory Jeffries

Property & Maintenance Manager

Sunshyne Hunt

Head Chef & Food Services Manager

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Client Love

Deepest most profound gratitude for what you have cultivated for the highest good. My sixth time in this heaven on earth. Thank you for the intention and attention to every details in your space and the experiences had. Deep love.


As soon as we entered the property there was an internal sigh...beautiful!
We experienced the honest welcome and 5 star hospitality of Dustin, JJ and all staff. The meals were amazing. Check out the Sentinel Signature Breakfast Oatmeal!!
The rooms, the sauna (best wood burning) and hot tub completed the stay.
We will be back!!!

Sentinel Guest

I cannot express how amazing this experience was. From the phenomenal service of the workers to the amazing food this is a place worth spending a few days to relax, grow, become inspired. The view was unreal. My Gf and I were shocked by how nice the rooms were.

Thank you so much for the amazing hospitality!

Sentinel Guest

Words are not enough to express our gratitude to every single person that makes this such a special place. The warmth, the food, all the details, and of course the openness of everyone's heart. We felt at home. And welcome.
The Sentinel is one more home for us. Definitely coming back.
Thanks Felicia for taking care of us all. Tyson, JJ, we will miss you all. And of course, Gillian and Richard.
We leave with our hearts warm and open.

Beatriz, Hector, Geronimo and Patricio

I cannot say enough great things about my experience at The Sentinel. The accommodations were lovely and luxurious. The vibe is very chill and earthy. The staff were super friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make my stay perfect...which it was without them trying!
The food was nourishing and yummy! The atmosphere is one of being in someone's home and having all your needs met. The natural surroundings are gorgeous and healing. I only wish I could have stayed longer!

Sentinel Guest

What a gem of a place. When you get there all you can think is how beautiful the setting is. You are surrounded in mountains and beautiful lake. The actuals rooms are beautiful, especially if you book one with a view. The beds were super comfortable and everything was very clean. The people at The Sentinel are amazing. They make sure you are well taken care of and I can't speak highly enough about the owners. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. They always have different speakers, teachers and educational sessions going on up there. Thank you for making a difference in our community.

Sentinel Guest

What an incredible place! Thank you so much for an amazing experience!

V. Eriksen