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The Art and Medicine of Grief

April 11 - April 14


Grief touches us like nothing else. It’s grip and it’s ability to bring all of life into a blur and acute focus simultaneously is unique and powerful. For this reason, it is easy to shy away from grief, to try to push down, avoid and turn away from the intensity that it brings; however, for those that have the willingness to lean it, they see clearly and quickly the master initiator and teacher that grief is.

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Within our time together we will be deeply exploring teachings from the remarkable book by Francis Weller: The Wild Edge of Sorrow. In his book, Weller breaks down what he calls, The 5 Gates to Grief which we will be exploring in a deep and vast way within the weekend and specifically within the mycelium medicine field.
Many of us do not know how to grieve; it often takes death, tragedy, a health crisis or shock before we are able to open to the deep well of grief that lives within us.
This grief doesn’t live within us as just a concept, it lives within the body, within the soma and tissues within the body and it is held there by our desire to keep it all together, by muscular/fascial tension and holding patterns within our body. And all of this, is usually deeply unconscious; held since we were little ones, unable or unknowing how to do it differently.
With intention and strategic practices, we will slowly and gently help to uncover and unravel the holding patterns of grief from our body and do so in a way that is resourced and creates lasting resilience within your system. This is not about cracking you open, grief has already done that to some extent, this is about gently unweaving the threads that have bound together to keep up the protective and defensive armour. This must be done with gentleness, skill and compassion and such are the ways we will navigate the weekend.
Another important element of this retreat is one of ritual. In our disconnection with death in our society, we have lost alongside it the importance of ritual as an important and effective balm for the tenderness created with grief. We will explore ritual as an art from; how when we are able to open to our pain, we are also able to open to incredible beauty.
This retreat includes: 
• Intake call and preparation assistance
• All meals while on retreat (organic, vegetation and delicious)
• Accommodation (price varies)
• Expertly lead medicine experience
• Creative/Artistic space for exploring the opening of your grief
• Embodiment practices + so much more!

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Overview of the weekend:
Thursday April 11th
1-3pm Arrival
3pm Start, intros, teachings, Breathwork
7pm dinner
Friday April 12th
9am breakfast
1030-1pm: In session
1-4pm: Lunch + Free Time
4pm Ceremony
Saturday April 13th
9am breakfast
1030: In session
1pm Lunch
230-4pm In session

6:00pm Dinner

Sunday April 14th

9am breakfast

10:30-1pm Integration Closing Circle


About the Leaders

Reanna Costa

Reanna is a powerful and masterful teacher who has dedicated her life to uncovering the mysteries of our body-mind. After 14 years of teaching and 1500hrs of training in anatomy, philosophy, inquiry and trauma, Reanna has synthesized together a blend of works and teachings to create a powerful method of creating freedom within the Self. […]

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Kylie Judge

Kylie is passionate about the mystery of life and death. She is committed to walking a path of love and trusting compassion and curiosity to guide her way in the world. Kylie currently works with hospice, traversing the vast territory of grief and loss; seeing grief as a doorway into living in deeper connection with […]

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April 11
April 14
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