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Welcome to our Therapeutic Intake Process

We provide a therapeutic intake process that is safe, caring, and an integral way to support our transformative programs. This process allows us to best support your intentions in connecting you with our Practitioner Registry and or guide you to the best retreat for you.

We value the authenticity of each individual that we welcome to The Sentinel.

Our goal is to help you realize your full potential for healing. The Discovery Call offers you the opportunity to dive into the alignment of your intentions, and helps us guide you to the appropriate program and facilitators that can nurture your experience.

The information you share in our online pre-treatment questionnaire is private and confidential. The information is shared with the Intake Coordinator and facilitator(s). We provide assurance of safety standards and guidelines for each program’s specific requirements, which vary in the intake review. The information you provide gives us a clear and safe snapshot, allowing us to refer you appropriately.

After you complete the online questionnaire you will receive notification of submission, and have the opportunity to book your 30-minute Discovery Call with our Intake Coordinator through an online calendar.

The work you are interested in may lead to profound shifts in your life. It is highly beneficial to have a framework of resources in place ahead of time to support you before, during, and after your program. Having support to help you integrate the experience can help you receive the most benefit from the work you undertake.

Come discover the transformative and integrative potential that exists at The Sentinel!


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