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Bring the ceremony back home with Nectara Pods 

By May 1, 2023Other2 min read

As a psychedelic journeyer, you have probably faced this. You just attended a beautiful retreat at the Sentinel and experienced a powerful and emotional connection to your higher self. You’ve faced deep truths about your existence and, possibly, the universe itself. You’ve met some of the most amazing human beings you have ever connected with. Everything is aligned, and you’re just glowing. It feels incredible to be there, right?

But then you head back home, and the waves and tides of life start to come in and dampen that light. Work, dishes, traffic and, as much as we adore them, noisy kids. It takes a lot of resilience to create a bubble strong enough to preserve the magic you just brought back from the Kootenays. The glow inevitably dims, and the insights start to fade away. That spark that made you feel so alive and connected becomes less and less noticeable over time.

You still gained some valuable gems from the retreat, but you know it could be much more. We’ve been there many times. That’s why we created Nectara Pods, to help people capture more of that divine light and integrate it into lasting change.

Pods are a six-week psychedelic integration program held online and facilitated by Nectara’s trusted integration and wellness specialists. In the program, you will receive some of the tools and guidance you need to find deeper meaning and activate the full potential of your retreat experience.

And as we like to say, we come for the medicine but stay for the community. Each Pod is held in a closed and intimate group container with folks who attended a Sentinel retreat before. Held with reverence to the potency of community, you’ll walk the journey with some new medicine friends or connect with old ones you’ve already met in Kaslo. 

Ready to bring the ceremony back home?
Visit our site
 to learn more and sign up for the upcoming Pod on May 12th. Registration closes on the 7th, and only 10 spots are available. Can’t make this one? Sign up for updates on the page to get notified of new Pod dates.

We look forward to welcoming you into our shared ceremony.

With love from Kaslo,

Pascal, Elaine

Co-founders at Nectara