Come experience the rejuvenating power of nature at an upcoming health and wellness retreat. Rest, recover from your busy life with The Sentinel’s best views as you enjoy an array of activities that will invigorate all parts within!

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Unlock your fullest potential with powerfully guided plant-based medicine retreats. We offer a safe space, tranquil setting and the best practitioners for your journey.

Not sure which path to take for your experience? Our team can help guide you in the direction. Complete our Care & Safety Prescreening and speak with our Intake Coordinator.

*Please note that prescription drugs, recreational substances, and several foods can interact negatively with this work. This work is not appropriate for persons with certain medical conditions or for persons using certain medications. Complete our pre-screening form to know more. 

Forest Medicine

Our Private Ceremonial Retreats & Sessions follow the best practices of offering a safe and secure environment for an individual/couple or duo to transform and support their greater awareness of self, shift their mental and spiritual well being to realize their full potential.

If you feel drawn to experiencing from a deeper level of healing and freedom from trauma or to expand consciousness, please consider working with our team of highly skilled practitioners in a private retreat.

The process begins with a confidential pre-treatment Questionnaire and then a follow up intake call to determine your intentions for the work. We will discuss your curiosity, personal history, health status, and what kind of support will be best for your healing.



The Schedule


*Please note that you might have to book tuition and accommodations separately depending on the retreat you wish to attend.

Sep 29, 2023 - Oct 1, 2023 From $495.00

The Wheel of Consent® Workshop

With Helena De Felice and Amy Weissfeld

The Sentinel
The Art of Receiving and Giving | The Wheel of Consent ® is a groundbreaking framework and awareness practice developed by Dr. Betty Martin. The practice is simple, subtle, and profound.
We will explore a foundational practice for relating that transforms our ability to connect with ourselves and others. Our increased awareness enables more authentic relationships centered in safety, clarity, and ease. Applied professionally, it makes us more effective practitioners, able to affect human change and healing. Applied personally, it allows us to access deeper and more meaningful connections.
Using the Wheel of Consent®, we develop our capacity to tune into and notice our subtle somatic cues and our ability to skillfully and gracefully navigate interactions and dynamics in intimate and professional relationships.
Since its inception, it has been brought into schools, universities, therapist programs, and organizations around the world and reshaped how therapeutic practitioners are trained.

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Oct 6, 2023 - Oct 9, 2023 From $1440.00

HOMECOMING – A Biodynamic Breathwork and Yoga Retreat

With Clare Kearney and Danielle Hachey

The Sentinel
Take a big INHALE and a deep EXHALE… CONNECT to your BREATH and BODY, become PRESENT to this moment, CONNECT with nature and your RESOURCEs.
It is time to FEEL, and to HEAL.
This 4-day retreat will use The BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) and supportive yoga practices to support the release of tension within the body, to deeply nourish and bring you back home.

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Oct 16, 2023 - Oct 23, 2023 From $0 | Offered Freely - by donation

Mindful Intelligence, Meditation and Micro-Dosing

With Alan Clements

Click here to view the first part in the series and register to join us for part 2 and 3.
The three ninety-minute sessions will offer a practical approach to the understanding and application of mindful intelligence (MQ) and Open Awareness Meditation exploring the traditional elements of Satipatthana Bhavana – the ancient Buddhist practice of “All Posture, All States Mindful Intelligence Meditation “as well as its contemporary metalanguage into the Art of Whole-Mind and Body Awareness.
This training applies to anyone with a love of higher learning, the exploration and integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness, and nonviolent activism, psychedelic-assisted therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, clinicians, and plant medicine adventurers and more.


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Oct 20, 2023 - Oct 23, 2023 From $$

Amazon Medicine Retreat

The Sentinel
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