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You will be surrounded by unrivaled natural beauty as you explore our expansive property on the shores of Kootenay Lake in beautiful British Columbia. Our destination invites you to breathe in the therapeutic quietude of mother nature and expand your consciousness in the portal energy field of the region.

Wellness Retreats

Yoga. Breathwork. Women’s Circles. Men’s Circles. Heart Opening. Somatic Healing. And More.

Come experience the rejuvenating power of nature at an upcoming health and wellness retreat. Rest, recover from your busy life with The Sentinel’s best views as you enjoy an array of activities that will invigorate all parts within!

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Plant-Based Medicine Retreats

Forest Medicine. Empathogen. Jaguar. Amazonian. Andean. And More.

Unlock your fullest potential with powerfully guided plant-based medicine retreats. We offer a safe space, tranquil setting and the best practitioners for your journey.

Not sure which path to take for your experience? Our team can help guide you in the direction. Complete our Care & Safety Prescreening and speak with our Intake Coordinator.

*** Please note that prescription drugs, recreational substances, and several foods can interact negatively with this work. This work is not appropriate for persons with certain medical conditions or for persons using certain medications.   *****

Private Ceremonial Retreat

Experience your journey, your way with the help of an experienced guide. 

*Note: all private ceremony’s are by application only. This is to ensure you are connected with the practitioner suited for your needs.

Apply to Work One-to-One

Our Private Ceremonial Retreats & Sessions follow the best practices of offering a safe and secure environment for an individual/couple or duo to transform and support their greater awareness of self, shift their mental and spiritual well being to realize their full potential.

If you feel drawn to experiencing from a deeper level of healing and freedom from trauma or to expand consciousness, please consider working with our team of highly skilled practioners in a private retreat.

The process begins with a confidential pre-treatment Questionnaire and then a follow up intake call to determine your intentions for the work. We will discuss your curiosity, personal history, health status, and what kind of support will be best for your healing.

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