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Summer Reset Yoga Retreat

July 29 - July 31

Join Erin Evans and Colemen Rodrigues for a weekend intensive of yoga, self reflection, and play.

This retreat is designed to have you unplug from your responsibilities to tap into your sense of wonder and possibility.


The lakefront property of The Sentinel lends itself to relaxation, introspection, and connection to nature. Each day will begin with meditation, breath work, and a flowing yoga class. Afternoons will be free to swim, soak in the outdoor hot tub, and relax in a hammock with your favourite book. Evenings will consist of a yin practice with fire side philosophy chats, cacao ceremony, painting, and group lake swims.
If you are looking to recharge, steep in your yoga practice, and remind yourself of the magic of life, this weekend is for you.

DAY ONE (July 29)
9:30am- 11:30am Disconnect to Reconnect Meditation, Practice, Breathwork, Journaling Colemen and Erin will begin the class with a meditation to set the intention for our time together. A rigorous flowing yoga class will follow designed to keep you on your toes with interesting transitions and sequences. With hip openers to help you arrive more deeply to this haven in
Kaslo and set you up for a great first day. We will close our practice with breathwork and questions for self reflection helping you to get the most out of what you came here for.

12pm lunch

1pm-4pm free time Swim, Hot Tub, Sauna, Hammock, Read, Paddle Board.

4pm workshop Airplane mode: Inversions Workshop
This co-lead workshop will break down the intricacies of floating, hand balances, and different variations on inversion. A strong focus will be placed on core engagement, body alignment, and gazing points in more advanced shapes. Gaining a stronger understanding of entry and exit into our hand balances allows for more confidence in the air.

6pm dinner

8pm fireside chat From Detours to Direction with Erin

Finding and following one’s life path is strewn with obstacles. This fireside chat will allow for discussion and dialogue on what we want more of and how to set ourselves up for success in pursuing our art, vocation, and passion. We will discuss energy leaks and how to direct our lives towards our mission rather than following breadcrumbs that lead nowhere.

DAY TWO (July 30th)
7am-9 practice Sweat your Prayers Meditation, Practice, Breathwork, Journaling Erin will lead a spicy rocket vinyasa class with many options to incorporate what you learned from the inversions workshop. The standing work will focus on accessing the full power of your legs and core to seamlessly transition with balance and grace. Closing down with a long shavasana to bask in the glory of your work. The journal prompts will help you get even more clear on your life’s path.

9-10 breakfast

10-4pm free time

4pm workshop Bare your heart: Backbend Workshop
Join Colemen and Erin for a workshop designed to give you more freedom and peace in your backbends. We will Intelligently warm up the shoulders, wrists, and hips to prepare the body to move in a way that feels safe for you. Breaking down king binds, camel, bow, full wheel, and drop backs, you will feel more confident in how you approach your front line extensions.

6pm dinner

7:30pm Restore and Reset: Yin followed by lake jump.
Coleman will slow things down in this yin class to integrate what we have learned. This class will allow for gradual and safe opening of the joints, tendons, fascia and ligaments. Holding the postures for an extended period of time will allow you to embody the optimal stretch and relaxation. After our practice we will cleanse our souls with a group lake jump.

DAY THREE (July 31st)
7am practice Take the Pearl Meditation, Practice, Breathwork, Journaling Ending our time together with a hip hop practice lead by Colemen designed to close on a note of possibility. Warming up the shoulders and quads in a strategic way to allow for integrating the backbends from the prior workshop. The journal prompts will get you pondering what you wish to carry forward and what you want to leave behind.

9am breakfast

10am checkout


Erin Erinevanscoaching@gmail.com or Colemen info@flowstatebanff.com


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