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Shipibo Amazon Retreat

June 21 - June 24

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to work with the Shipibo Traditions of Peru!


The potential that lies ahead is boundless. Whether you seek to bask in the luminous energies of the universe, heal physical ailments, including those of the mind and soul, connect with your higher self, or discover the latent healer within you, this plant dieta represents a natural and profound progression in your personal journey.

Our journey begins with a ceremony, setting the stage for the sacred work that follows. Rigorous dietary and lifestyle guidelines are prescribed to maintain a pure energy field and body, enabling you to receive the teachings of your chosen master plant both in your waking and dream states. The dieta culminates with a ceremony that signifies a gentle transition back to your everyday life, forever changed by the wisdom of the plants.


What’s included:

  • Luxury accommodation
  • 2 ceremonies with 3 shamans and Marco
  • Wholesome, locally sourced, organic meals
  • The wisdom and guidance of skilled shamans
  • Access to hot tub and sauna
  • In-depth teachings on the Shipibo cosmovisión
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Assistance with translations
  • Integration therapy to help you assimilate your experiences
  • Energy cleansing practices throughout the journey
  • Breathwork to deepen your connection with yourself and the plants, and so much more.

Please contact The Sentinel at: 250-353-2246 for more information!




About the Leaders


Delsy is a rose goddess, known for her immense love and care, making participants feel secure and well-taken care of. She is a skilled curandera, specializing in steam baths and feminine cleansing. Together, Fernando and Delsy harmoniously combine their talents, offering a balanced approach to the sacred union of masculine and feminine energies.

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Fernando Mahua

Fernando Mahua, the grandson of Elder Pascual Mahua, carries the energy of Noyarao, as passed down by his grandfather, who lived to the remarkable age of 98. Fernando, together with his wife Delsy Ramires, create a safe and caring environment.

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Marco Sanchez

Originally from Mexico and now based in Canada, Marco is a maestro with a deep understanding of the Shipibo tradition of working with plant medicine. He is a talented musician, playing various instruments like the harp, kora, guitar, and drum. Marco has extensive experience with plant diets and will share invaluable knowledge and tools during […]

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June 21
June 24
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