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Starlight Medicine Spring Retreat

May 23 - May 27


This retreat is an invitation to come home. To open to the genuine presence of your being through the use of plant medicine ceremony and earth based traditional practices. It is focused on the awareness that you have what you need within you – everything is in fact here now – and our healing is the art of integrating, accepting, and loving what is. In this process we claim the light of our true nature and use this light to guide our way.  


Sarah’s teachings are nondual, based on the philosophy that we are one. Through cultivating loving awareness we remember we are not separate from our Source and in this way, we align who we are with how we live. She is the author of Trauma as Medicine, a DIY book for healing trauma and transforming your life; based on the personal experience of losing her mother to homicide and subsequent journey of healing and forgiveness.

What’s included:

  • 3 Plant Medicines
    • 1 Forest Medicine night ceremony  
    • 1 Heart Medicine day ceremony 
    • Hape ceremony 
  • 4 Earth Tradition Ceremonies: 
    • Starlight Medicine Ritual 
    • Fire Ceremony 
    • Hucha stone cleanse 
    • Despacho 

Starlight Medicine Ritual – This ritual has come through the ancient teachings of our starlight ancestors as a guide for these times. We are in a great moment of awakening, and it is necessary to open to the highest light for the illumination of our path. This ritual is delivered through visualization, shamanic journey and earth-based practices.  

Forest Medicine ceremony – The Rainbow serpent lodge was passed to Sarah many years ago through her Spirit guide Thoth; the God of wisdom in the Egyptian pantheon. In this lodge she shares mushroom tea in a night ceremony. You are supported with channeled medicine songs, music, hands on healing, tobacco cleanse, and other shamanic methods. This is an excellent medicine for moving into the underworld aspects of our life’s journey so we can integrate them with the light. 

The intention of this lodge is to create a portal for the following: 

  • Commune with Source
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Illuminate your true nature
  • Release old patterns
  • Address grief & trauma
  • Come home to your self & your body
  • Investigate internal contracted energy
  • Enter loving awareness – as referred to by Ram Das 
  • Experience presence 

If you would like to BOOK a 15 min Call with Sarah to learn more about her retreat please do so here: https://calendly.com/sarahsalterkelly/free-15-minute-consult

For more information please visit Sarah’s website here: Starlight Medicine Spring Retreat

Please watch Sarah’s interview with Marianne Williamson here: https://youtu.be/8WDFQOcNrho

About the Leader

Sarah Salter Kelly

Sarah Salter Kelly is a talented healer, teacher, and speaker, utilizing the raw compounded teachings of her life experience, to uplift, empower and guide others. Her wisdom is authentic, embodied and hard won – generated through years of integrating the tragic homicide of her mother and learning to forgive the perpetrator – alongside thirty years of […]

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May 23
May 27
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