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Intronaut Magic Witnessing Meditation

May 17 - May 20


An Intronaut explores the space within oneself, seeking the Truth. This inner exploration is an art that many of us have lost. We believe that only through seeking one’s inner self and allowing it to be expressed does the path towards true and full healing and self-actualization come to light. We are guides that help you unlock the door to your inner truth of love, peace, wisdom and beauty by integrating ancient shamanic wisdom, the wisdom and the healing power of the plant medicine, cutting edge contemporary therapeutic practices, and non-dualistic teachings.

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Spirit Plant Medicine Ceremonies:
Our Magic Witnessing Meditation Ceremony is a unique, powerful experience of meditation and Spirit Plant Medicine healing on all levels: physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. With the compassionate guidance of our experienced healers (Ivan and Lana Rados) you can let go and dive deep into your heart. This guided group ceremony is an opportunity to experience spirit plant medicine in a ceremonial setting which is both deeply healing and transformational. By looking within rather than letting the mind distract you, you can heal the parts of yourself that you may not have known even needed healing. With guidance and spirit plant medicine you can bypass the mind and go straight to the root cause, and heal it. The Intronaut team is here to take care of your physical body, guide you through your inner journey, and help you integrate your experience.

The Middle Point by Ivan Rados:
This retreat will be facilitated based on Ivan’s renowned spiritual discipline: The Middle Point. The human experiences of separateness, and the temporality of time and space are projections produced by the dualistic mind. The Middle Point is grounded and nourished in non-dual, non-linear, non-conceptual reality as a single divine reality with ultimate awareness being its essence. Ivan’s method and teachings have proven extremely effective in helping those seeking wholeness, health, and self-actualization.

The Spirit Plant Medicine Ceremony is only part of your healing journey. A fundamental part of the process is the post-ceremony Integration to help you anchor the healing you received and carry the lessons you learned during the ceremony back with you into your day-to-day life. Our Intronaut team makes utmost importance in creating this process as a guided and facilitated process, and not just a sharing or socializing circle.  You will benefit from the intuitive guidance from the maestro Ivan Rados, and Lana Rados’s expertise in clinical psychology and counselling.

Intronaut Breath:
Intronaut Breath is a Conscious Connected Breathing ceremony that will serve as your introduction to the medicine within each of us, allowing you to expand your consciousness, and as a tool to anchor your spirit plant medicine ceremony. The breath will also serve you post ceremony, as a reminder of the glimpses of the cosmic consciousness that you have tapped into, and that it is always possible to revisit these transformative experiences and deepen our relationship with the intuitive heart.

Cacao Ceremony:
Ceremonial cacao is a gentle, heart-opening medicine, made from the highest quality beans sourced directly from Central and South America, and is prepared with love and intention. It provides a beautiful, consciousness-expanding experience, and can help to aid in clarity, intent setting, and inner-processing. It is a medicinal and healing experience for the body, mind, and spirit. The Cacao Ceremony will be facilitated through the method of guided visualization.

Zen Hapé:
Hapé is a sacred Amazonian plant medicine that is used ceremonially for its cleansing properties. Known colloquially as “shamanic snuff,” hapé is made of finely-ground tobacco and other healing ingredients. It is blown into the nasal cavities using a ceremonial pipe, and effects are felt almost immediately, Common benefits include “total presence” and “clarity of mind.” It can serve to help you to let go of attachments, burn the ego, and purge that which no longer serves you.

Ceremony of Community:
Although you arrive as strangers, you leave as family.  Our participants have remarked that the community that is cultivated at our retreats is a precious gift and resource, people that they now know and trust intimately, and the communication, connection, and support that continues on allows them to fully realize their dreams.  As such, we have built this retreat with plenty of time for you to connect, to just be and enjoy nature and each other together, and to enjoy the beauty of the Sentinel.  The Sauna, hot tub, lake, kayaking and more await you. Welcome to your tribe.

What’s included in our event:

  • 4 nights, all meals included (nourishing, plant-based),
  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies (1 Spirit Plant Medicine, 1 Empathogenic, 1 Ceremonial Cacao, 2 Zen Hapé),
  • Non-Dualistic Teachings,
  • Guided Meditations,
  • Psychotherapeutic Exercises,
  • Family constellations,
  • Daily Guided Breathwork,
  • Intent Setting,
  • Integration Circles

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