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Embodied Consent for Ancestral Healing

September 25 - September 29

The Wheel of Consent ® is a groundbreaking framework and awareness practice developed by Dr. Betty Martin. The practice is simple, subtle, and profound.

You will come away from this offering with a deepened ability to navigate consent in all your interactions, including these skills:

໑ Create a felt sense of safety in your body and nervous system
໑ Connect to what feels good and brings you joy
໑ Notice, value, and voice what you want, what you are available for, and what you don’t want
໑ Notice your tendency to go along with what is being done and reverse it
໑ Be mindful of others’ tendencies to go along with what is being done and respect their limits
໑ Access two ways to receive and two ways to give and feel the joy of each of these four possibilities for interaction
໑ Navigate power dynamics, trauma, and systemic oppression and their impact on our capacity to access choice and uphold boundaries (yours & others)
໑ Make choices that support your well-being and connection with others
໑ Express your desires, limits, preferences, and willingness with more nuance and play

This event is for
໑ Professionals who work with people to affect human change and healing
໑ Couples and individuals looking for deeper and more meaningful connection in their relationships
໑ Anyone interested in developing deeper self-awareness and relational skills for more ease and joy in life

This offering
໑ Meets you where you are – we welcome beginners and advanced practitioners
໑ Is experiential and embodied
໑ Respects your boundaries – you will always have choices about how you engage with the exercises
໑ Is open to all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship constellations

All inclusive |  4 nights (tuition, food & lodging) | Please click BOOK NOW to secure your seat for this important event.
Commuter Rate | 5 days (tuition & food) $1,175.00 + tax (use this link)

If you need assistance choosing the right price, please contact Helena at: helena@helenadefelice.com

What participants say about this retreat:

“Life-altering” ~ Clinical Counsellor

“It’s truly transformational work and so necessary for the healing and growth we are in desperate need of”

“I immediately put this into practice. It changed my way of being with my clients. I found myself calm and grounded in a new way.” ~ Occupational Therapist

“I know myself WAY more. I am trusting my impulses, my no’s and yes’s and I am able to voice them more clearly now. I am grateful for this modality. It is a gentle, deep, and foundational piece for creating healthy, safe, and intimate relationships with oneself and others.” ~ Teacher

“Deeply grateful for the workshop last weekend. It has been sitting with me all week. The content and my experiences have made their way into many conversations since…I feel very inspired by my experience!” ~ Acupuncturist

“A spa for the soul.”

“Deep gratitude. This was epic for me on so many levels. Feeling a profound shift.” ~ Plant Medicine Guide

“This was transformative for me in many ways.” ~ Sexual Health Educator

About the Leader

Helena De Felice

Helena De Felice (they/she) is the founder of Our Sacred Body, co-founder of the Living Love Revolution Sanctuary, a Certified Facilitator of the Wheel of Consent®, and a member of the faculty of the School of Consent. Her commitment that each human gets to experience the sacredness of their own being and life itself forms the […]

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