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Sacred Sound Journey Retreat

July 19 - July 22

Come and join us as we embark on a journey into deep play and authentic relaxation!




On this sound adventure you will discover tools and skill sets for being in sync and weaving together the many intersecting patterns of your life.

You will be taken on a journey to reclaim an embodied sense of listening and creating. Science continues to prove what our most ancient ancestors innately knew. As they worked with drums, flutes, rattles, and more, they experienced sound’s uniquely healing, unifying powers.  Your body is an instrument in symphony with the natural world. When it’s properly tuned into harmonious alignment between self and the collective, anything is possible!  Begin to release all that shrouds your true self.

We live in a world literally made of rhythm and sound. Any repeated behaviour can be described as a rhythm. Are all your repeating behaviours serving you the way you want them to? How do our ever evolving habits form the rhythms of our life? The rhythms of Mother Earth and the cosmos also shape our lives.

Drumming is an ancient medicine of every culture. As a living language Sanskrit is the most precise verbal language and arguably the oldest. It is said that the vibration of Sanskrit mantras is more powerful than the meaning of the words themselves.

Through a hand drumming ceremony, crystal bowl and gong sound baths, guided gentle movement, a simple Sanskrit mantra initiation, the rhythm of traditional mala making – threading and knotting beads on a string, forest bathing/found sounds, you will encounter rhythms, sounds, kinaesthetic/somatic experiences weaving together within you.

You will leave this retreat feeling profoundly enriched by touchstones of awareness and with tools to deeply relax, rejuvenate, connect and play!

This retreat is a valuable opportunity for professionals working with clients in recovery.

“By recreating rhythm culture, we are reaching inside ourselves for the essence that fuels the evolution/revolution of our society back towards community values.” – Arthur Hull


About the Leaders

Odette Slater
As a teacher of somatics with deep roots as a dancer, as well as a movement, yoga, Pilates and meditation teacher, birthkeeper, performing artist, entrepreneur and physiotherapy assistant, Odette has presented at drumming, athletic and dance conferences; organized community arts events; received support for the creation and performance of her own installations; facilitated blessing way […] Learn more about Odette Slater

Ron Radar Stelting

Ron Stelting   Performer, Musician, Facilitator, Accompanist Ron would like to acknowledge a few teachers: Babatunde Olatunji, Arthur Hull, Joseph Pepe Danza and Swami Muktananada. Ron has been accompanying Dance for over 25 years now, including Modern classes, Ballet classes and Traditional West African classes and is one of the most in demand accompanists in Vancouver. […]

Learn more about Ron Radar Stelting