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View From The Edge | IBC, Parts Work & Heart Alchemy

July 4 - July 8

This retreat is specially designed for Spaceholders in all areas of life

“While everyone in this world strives to get somewhere and become someone only to leave it all behind after death, you aim for the supreme stage of nothingness. Live this life as light and empty as the number Zero. We are no different from a pot, it’s not the decorations outside but the emptiness inside that holds us. Just like that it is not what we aspire to achieve, but the consciousness of nothingness that keeps us going.” Shams de Tabriz

The vision is to alchemize our gut fears to heart-centered Love, and this Love to Service each in our own Magical way.
To expand our internal and external capacity to hold ourselves and others.

It is a powerful, flexible and very accessible addition to anything you are doing now.

We will use IBC- the wisdom of Zerospace combined with my rendition of Partswork and my new Heart Alchemy practice.
Through a fusion of IBC (Inquiry-Based Coaching), Parts Work (inspired by IFS Internal Family Systems) and Heart Alchemy, I offer a transformative framework to accompany you on this path of growth. This program is designed to provide structure and accountability, facilitating a profound level of personal and professional development while creating space and laying supportive foundations for your evolving self.

Our shared tools will enable you to delve into the deepest layers of your being, uncovering core inner parts, while softening and transforming the barriers to inner freedom. Together, we will all co-create a sacred space for exploration, ceremony, and magic, tapping into the profound healing power of community.

We will have an empathogenic ceremony to support the depth of the process and transformation within the contexts of these tools.

With IBC, we will:

  • Identify obstacles hindering our fullest experience of life.
  • Explore how we unwittingly validate and perpetuate these limiting perceptions.
  • Understand the impact of this validation on our lived experience.
  • Recognize missed opportunities obscured by limiting beliefs.
  • Experience life beyond these limitations, paving the way for transformative action and entering a state of “Zerospace.”

Through Parts Work:

  • We acknowledge ourselves as luminous system made of parts
  • We examine the assumptions and traumas that have shaped these parts, limiting our self-expression.
  • With compassionate curiosity, we listen to these parts, witnessing their burdens and experiences.
  • Through healing, we reintegrate and update these parts, aligning with our true purpose and fostering wholeness in our relationships and systems.

Through Heart Alchemy:

  • We understand and experience love and authenticity as the highest forms of human vibration.
  • We use the heart as a crucible for the alchemical transmutation of fear to love, love to service, understanding the constant stages we go through in this process through our lifetime.
  • We use the metaphor of the Alchemical Process: Dissolution, Coagulation and Crystallization to understand the internal process of turning existential pain into gold. The gold of using challenges to find existential joy through our journey.

Rediscover yourself. Release fear and trauma. Embrace your truth and freedom. It’s time to soar and share your light with the world.

About the Leader

Tania Fierro

I co-founded the Innerland Institute, in Vancouver, Canada in 2003 with the strong passion and desire for honest deep communication, the kind of exchange that gives you inner freedom, joy and deep purpose. I’m the co-creator of the IBC (Inquiry-Based Coaching) method combined with my rendition of partwork and heart alchemy. These are powerful self-awareness […]

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